Vampire Games (Chapter Twenty-nine)

They writhed.

I writhed, too, along with Fang, since I was living through him, experiencing through him, feeling through him. All while I sat here alone in my office, while he made love in another part of town, with a vampire.

A very dangerous vampire.

I did not feel jealous. I loved Fang, but for different reasons. He had been a friend first…and a stalker later. Knowing his past later did not wipe away the feelings of warmth I had developed for him. He had helped me through some very dark times in my life, and for that, I would always be grateful.

That he had had an agenda only came out later.

Agenda or not, he had always been my Fang, my friend, my confidant, my rock, my source of information and sometimes, even inspiration.

But I was losing him tonight.

I was losing him forever.

The sound of his panting filled my thoughts. I could also feel his heart racing. Nearly uncontrollably. Fang had the mother of all delusions. Early on in life, thanks to a rare defect, he had believed he was a vampire. And a part of me suspected he still believed he was a vampire.

At least, a vampire at heart.

Fang was the embodiment of the Law of Attraction. He believed it hard enough, wanted it bad enough, lived it, breathed it…and now he was about to become it.

The real deal.

A vampire.

His lifelong wish, his fondest desire, his burning passion was about to become real, and he could barely control himself. No, he couldn't control himself. I felt ghost tears pouring down my face. But they were his tears pouring steadily down his face. Our connection was still so strong, so powerful. In this moment, we were one.

I could stop the connection, but still I resisted.

I had to know what was happening to my friend…I had to know what was going through him, and what she would do to him.

She writhed on his lap, faster and faster. From his blurred vision, I saw his hand reaching up for her hair, pulling on it. She went with it and bared her teeth. Not unnaturally long canines, no. Normal teeth. I was the same. My teeth were always the same size. Nothing pointy. Nothing I ever had to hide.

Thank God. Going through this life was hard enough being what I was. At least I didn't want to have to keep my lips closed, too.

Her teeth were unnaturally white. Same with mine. No coffee stains. No yellowing. Apparently, a steady diet of blood whitened teeth, too. Go figure.

Her chest was small. Not a lot of bouncing or heaving there, but I saw that one of Fang's hands were groping them absently. Mostly he was concentrating on her face, her mouth. I saw what he saw – and he was laser-focused on her teeth.

Her pure white teeth, which she flashed once more.

She was going to do it. She's doing it. Please do it. Please. I need this. I have to have this. I must have this.

Fang's vision focused and unfocused, wavered, spun briefly. He was close to hyperventilating. Close to passing out. He wanted this so bad, was so excited, so turned on…

Deep breaths, Aaron, he told himself, his thoughts appearing in mine. Deep breaths. There. There. She's doing it. Oh, God, she's doing it…

His eyes unfocused and I saw that Hanner had indeed lowered her face…briefly to his lips, which she grazed with her own, now down along his chain and onto his neck, all of which she kissed and licked hungrily…

Jesus, it's really happening.

I wasn't sure if that had been Fang's thoughts or my own, until I realized it didn't matter.

One thing I did know was that Fang was close to orgasm.

Jesus, I shouldn't be seeing this, feeling this, I thought.

Her rhythm increased, her hips riding me – Fang – harder and faster. I felt her body thrust against me, her breasts grazing me. Her lips kissing me. Fang and I were one, truly one, and it was all I could do to not gasp. Something was rising in him, an incredible sensation. It was building powerfully. He gripped the chair he was sitting in. I gripped my own chair.

And just as I felt a sharp pain in my neck – no, an excruciating pain – Fang released powerfully into her, crying out, holding her tightly.

Even while she drank deeply from him.