The Vampire Queen's Servant (Chapter Twenty-six)

Carefully putting down his napkin, Brian rose, walked to her and dropped to one knee. With courtly formality, he raised his chin and turned his head away, exposing his throat to her.

Lyssa put her hand on his shoulder, brushing his ear with her fingertips to confirm those blond strands were in fact almost as soft as a child's. But this was a grown man. She could feel hunger rising around the table just from watching them. Putting her hand to his jaw, she held him immobilized, letting him feel her strength as she leaned forward and gently penetrated his neck with her fangs, tasting him. His hand gripped her chair arm.

It was perhaps his first time being marked. It was a significant act of trust from his father, to give her the right to know his son's whereabouts in perpetuity. She knew Richard and Tara would be highly cognizant of that honor from the British Region Master. While Brian might be too young and too immersed in his quest for scientific discovery to be aware of it, he was apparently digesting some of it from the gravity of their audience and the surge of sensation accompanying the bite. She deliberately used the pheromones this time to ease the pain, and to torment the servant who had openly defied her.

Brian's other hand came to rest on her knee. She could feel him fighting the impropriety of it, but he was unable to deny the primal urge at such stimulation. Scientist he might be, but he was a man and a vampire, and there were certain things difficult for him to resist on either level. She knew Tara and Richard would expose him to it much more brutally, amused by his innocence.

Good sense kept his hand where it was, quivering on her leg as she took what she needed to claim him as hers while in her Region, an aura others would know and respect.

There was a slow, sensual pleasure to it, having a man on his knees to her, overwhelming him, feeling his instinctive struggle with his surrender. It wasn't the battle of wills it was with Jacob. Even when he surrendered, there was a defiance that fed her lust. Brian's capitulation was intended, a well-defined ritual.

Knowing she was playing with fire, something that would easily become a conflagration if she fed it fuel, she nevertheless opened herself up to the kindling of what was going on in her servant's mind.

Anger. Control. Discipline. A white-hot desire to pull Brian away from her and break the fingers touching her, even as his rational mind told him what she was doing was a planned part of the dinner, the type of business she regularly conducted. Like finalizing a contract. But she's taking her bloody fucking time signing the dotted line.

She let her amusement flood him. Caught that, did you? Would you kiss the taste of his blood off my lips, my obedient servant? He's fair close to exploding in his neatly pressed trousers. As you well know, I can push him to it with barely a thought. What if I wrapped my fist on his cock–

Pray, cease, lady.

And let him dampen my hand? What if I made you lick his essence off my palm? Prove your loyalty and obedience?

Command me anything but that, my lady.

Dark satisfaction swept her. She looked toward Jacob as she lifted her mouth from Brian's neck, knew his blood was on her lips as she delicately collected it off her bottom lip with her tongue. Through some miracle of sheer will, Jacob was keeping his expression impassive, but she felt as if the focused blue of those clear eyes could burn her like lasers.

She leaned back from Brian, supporting his jaw with her hand as his head stayed bowed in his obvious struggle to master his body and mind's reaction.

"Is it… Is it always like that?" he managed, low. The scientist trying to find answers he could grasp. Handle.

"No. " It was Tara who spoke, her voice thick. Her eyes met Lyssa's, reflecting her remembrance of when Lyssa and Rex had marked her. They'd laid her down on this very table, sweeping away glassware to let the marking ceremony become a far more sensual experience. She'd climaxed again and again and Rex, unable to resist, had at last fucked her while Lyssa stood at her head, her hair wrapped in one restraining hand while she stroked her breasts with the other. As she lightly scored Tara with her nails, Lyssa channeled the magical heat through all three of them in a spiraling flow, increasing the intensity. That had been a small bit of Fey magic, passing easily as a variant on compulsion.

"It's something different with a vampire as ancient as Lady Lyssa, Dr. Morris. It's an honor to be in her home, a privilege of the highest order to receive her mark and serve her. " Tara raised her cup. "To what we all aspire to be, but most of us never will. Your secrets inspire us and comfort us as often as they bring us despair at our failure to live up to them. "

She must be getting far too old and sentimental if a temporary flash of sincerity could move her. Lyssa kept her expression impassive, but bowed in Tara's direction instead of nodding, enough of a physical response to let the woman know she was pleased.

Brian took his hand from her knee. With a glance for permission, he brushed a kiss on her hand resting on that same knee, just above where his hand had been. "My thanks, Lady Lyssa. "

"The pleasure is mine. You are a sweet, welcome addition to my world. " She gave him a fond look as he flushed. "You may return to your chair, Brian. "

His hesitation told her they were indeed dealing with an innocent on such matters. Perhaps because he was a born vampire and his parents would be in charge of initiating such things, it had been avoided. Or his research had kept him far removed from where he would be initiated into this side of vampire life. As the other two recognized the depth of his inexperience, it sharpened the hunger she felt in the air to a razor's edge.

"Don't be embarrassed by your arousal. Indulgence of sensual pleasure is one of the most important parts of a vampire social occasion. In fact, I suspect even one such as I could not get attendance to matters of business without it. " She let a light, practiced smile play over her face at Richard's chuckle, but the gesture showed the tips of her fangs.

"I intend to ensure you are all well-sated before the evening is over. You were the appetizer to get us started. Now please take your seat, and take your time getting there. We'll all enjoy the sight of your cock straining against your trousers, wanting more. " As she purred the words, letting the blatant sexual teasing stroke through the air of the room, she felt Jacob's reaction roll over her. An equally blatant wanting of her, part possession, part need. She wanted to feed on that wanting… Wanted to feel it in her blood.

I'll be more than happy to show you how much I want you right here, my lady.

"Richard. " She leaned back in her chair. "You spoke of a challenge. I accept. Tell us your desire. "

His eyes glowed with calculated pleasure. Lifting his wineglass, he rose as Brian took his seat, attempting to assume the same nonchalant attitude as the other vampires at the table, leaning back in his chair and making a discreet adjustment. Though Lyssa noted when he laid his hand on the table his fingers curled tensely around the base of his own glass, his eyes focused on Richard.

As Richard rose, he turned to Seanna. Bending, he kissed the top of her breast as the black woman remained immobile, her eyes ahead, possibly meeting Jacob's. Her lips parted at the stimulation, though. Since she wore a strapless corset, Richard casually reached in, scooped one full breast out of the tight confines and manipulated the nipple before his audience. She remained completely still despite the increase in her pulse they could all sense, telegraphing her arousal. When he left her a moment later, he left the breast exposed.

The overlord moved in a slow, thoughtful circle around the room. The vampires waited patiently, but Lyssa could feel the tension rising for all the servants as he paused behind each. Liam was well used to the overlord's preferences and so, like Seanna,appeared to be stimulated primarily at the idea of the night's entertainment as Richard gave his nape an affectionate fondle.

"He's so dramatic, " Tara commented. "He should have done stage. "

"A flair for the dramatic can make for more interesting presentation, " Lyssa responded. She adjusted her chair to an angle, so she could see him step behind her own servant, examining him thoroughly. She knew that particular view was a delightful one, though most views of Jacob were well worth the time.

"You may feel free to touch my servant if it suits your purpose, Richard. Jacob will remain still. "

Jacob's aversion to the thought was instant, but he stayed motionless, his jaw rigid as Richard went right for gold, palming his ass, giving it a hard squeeze. Lyssa followed the movement of Richard's long-fingered hand as he stepped closer to reach around Jacob to his groin area. He propped his other wrist on her servant's shoulder, the base of the wineglass he held pressed against Jacob's upper chest, the half-full contents near his jawline. He moved his own hips against Jacob's trousered backside, apparently letting him feel the pressure of his own arousal.

"A nicely sized cock, " he observed, cupping Jacob firmly and running his thumb along the cock beneath the clothes. "It will pleasure some lucky human servant well tonight. But which one? What is your servant capable of, Lady Lyssa?"

How about breaking his fingers if he doesn't get them off my dick? And make him eat that wineglass a piece at a time?

"I have full confidence in Jacob's capabilities. " She met his furious blue gaze, showing only cool amusement in her own. "Whatever your challenge. "

"He doesn't like the touch of a man. That's obvious. You couldn't get a crowbar up his ass at the moment. " Richard chuckled, ran the glass along the side of Jacob's face playfully. "He's lucky I'm not in the mood to teach him his likes and dislikes mean little here. I suspect making him fuck Tara's young man would be a pleasure for us all to watch. "

Lyssa watched the quiver run down Jacob's arm, the fingers of his right hand curl slightly. Violence was surging up through his blood, the only thing stopping it his obedience to her will. What he likely didn't know was that everyone in this room knew what was going on, could see it. Richard was enjoying this, seeing how far it could go.

"Not Liam fucking him, my sweet?" Tara asked. Richard shook his head. "Too easy. He could say he had to submit for his Mistress. If he has to arouse himself enough to fuck a man, shoot his seed into him, that's a whole other level of self-discovery. "

He stepped away from Jacob, moved toward Debra. "However, as fun as that sounds, I've something in mind for my own selfish pleasure. I'm impressed by his restraint, so it makes me curious how far it extends. " He stopped behind Debra. "So my challenge is this. He'll fuck Seanna and bring Debra to orgasm by whatever method he chooses, but he must understand their bodies and tailor his actions to ensure they come at exactly the same time. " He caught Debra around the waist, eliciting a gasp of shock from her. Fondling her breasts through the white shirt, he nipped at her throat while she closed her eyes and trembled, trying to stay still, not as adept as Jacob at remaining impassive.

"What say you, lady?" Richard lifted his head, looked toward Lyssa. "The rosebush of your choice, of any color, from any part of the world, if he succeeds. If he fails, then Tara will get her wish. Liam will fuck him and show him what it is to have a man bring him to climax. " His voice dropped to a murmur as he met Jacob's gaze with predatory intent. "Because he will. He will shame that heterosexual predilection of yours, show you that your cock cares nothing for gender, only for pleasure. "

My lady, don't–

"Done. " Lyssa tilted her head back to look at her servant. "I want my rosebush, Jacob. And I can promise you that you want me to have it, too. I've seen Liam's cock. It's not something a virgin ass would wish to take for his first time. "

"Ah, Lyssa, you're cruel. If I'd known he was a virgin to that–"

"Next time, do better research, " Lyssa responded, with a smile in her voice, though her gaze on Jacob held no humor. Just ruthless intent.

Anything I command. You said as much.

My lady, why are you doing this?

You defied me. This is the price. But more than that, it will bring me pleasure. This is as much a part of being a human servant as anything you've done tonight.

He closed his eyes, bowed his head. Because Lyssa knew all their eyes were on him, she didn't tease him further. They all knew he was young, new. Being present the first time a servant was initiated into the demands of a vampire social event was a special gift. Being present when a servant of such high rank was broken in was a particular honor, and Tara and Richard knew it. Though Lyssa had been unaware of Debra's innocence, it was a double boon to have two servants in the same situation, at the same social event. The anticipation surged through the room, spurring the lust quotient for every vampire present.

In the meantime, she felt the conflict roiling within Jacob, the mores of a lifetime fighting with his oath to serve her. He'd built another foundation out of what he believed to be true about their relationship, and she was once again smashing it to rubble.

Open yourself, Jacob. Get past all you know. Don't think. Feel Look at them. Two women, both beautiful, all yours to pleasure while I watch. While we all watch. You'll be able to find release in them while our hunger simply builds and builds. Your submission will pleasure us all, but particularly your Mistress. You think I do it just to prove my will over you, but there is more going on here, something that will benefit you as well. This is a lesson you need to learn, but it's more than that. It's the essence of what we are.

He raised his head then, but instead of looking at the two women, he looked at her. There was desperation in his gaze, but as her attention slid down, he almost groaned as she visibly appreciated the reaction growing there despite his resistance to it.

"Obey me, Jacob. Nothing pleases me more than your obedience. " It nourishes me like blood.