The Vampire Queen's Servant (Chapter Twenty-seven)

Jacob shifted his attention to Richard. He'd moved back behind Tara and his hand was on her shoulder, tracing the top of her breast visible in her low-cut dress with a fingertip he'd dipped into the wine. She watched the interplay intently, though her head tilted, acknowledging her enjoyment of the touch. Liam had taken a respectful step-back, his face bland. Jacob wondered if he felt anger at his Mistress being touched by another as he'd felt at Brian's hand on his own Mistress. Or maybe he was some kind of aberration in the vampire world, as his Mistress kept implying.

"All three of you, " Richard said. "Strip now, where you are. " He glanced negligently over at Jacob. "Then the stage is yours, servant. "

Jacob noted no one asked Brian his opinion of the proceedings. The man had looked startled at first, but the lust Lyssa's actions had roused in him apparently left few obstacles in the way for his acquiescence. He moved his chair now to get a better view of the two women. When Debra hesitated, he did rise and remove her glasses, giving her cheek a light caress with his knuckles. But that was all. He sat back down, his expression otherwise detached.

Seanna began to comply the moment the words left her Master's lips. She loosened the corset, her breasts thrust out, the exposed one joined now by its mate at the drawn back position of her shoulders. The loosened corset slithered down her hips and then she peeled away the snug hip-hugging skirt she'd worn beneath it. She wore a black thong with garters. With a slight smile, she turned her back to the table and bent low to slide it off, giving Jacob a view of her dusky pussy and the generous globes of her mocha-colored buttocks.

His gaze went to Debra, unbuttoning the tailored silk blouse Richard had half pulled out of her slacks. She'd worn the type of outfit she'd have worn to a dinner at a business conference, underscoring her lack of experience with this type of gathering. Apparently using her Master's burning gaze to fortify her, she raised her chin and unfastened the slacks, let them slide down her legs to draw them off over her practical heels. They were the shoes a research assistant would wear, a bit worn, probably from parking-lot gravel at the university. Her underwear was silky material, but a modest bikini. Her bra had just a touch of lace. With her blonde hair pulled back in a barrette, showing the strain of her expression, it was obvious this was not something she'd expected or been asked to do before. Yet Brian was willing to explore this new territory. He sat waiting with avid interest and no obvious sympathy for her feelings in the matter. No more than Lyssa had shown to him. It was an isolating, desolate feeling.

Only if you don't realize how connected we feel to you. Look at Seanna, her pleasure in pleasing her Master.

Debra hesitated on the bra, her fingers trembling enough to make her fumble the task. She struggled for the strap as Seanna smirked.

Jacob moved, sending a fierce message to his Mistress that did not bear repeating. Her jade eyes glittered, but she didn't respond, merely watched him as he defied Richard and walked around the table to Debra. She didn't turn, keeping her gaze desperately fastened on Brian's throat, now unable to meet even his eyes. She flinched as Jacob touched her shoulders, gently brushing her hands away.

"'S all right, lass, " he murmured, deliberately letting the Irish rise in his tone. He unhooked the bra, touching the tender area between her shoulder blades with his fingers, showing her he intended to be gentle. Sliding the straps down her arms, he dropped the garment onto her other clothes. "You'll come to no harm with me. I'll give you pleasure for your Master's enjoyment. Just relax. "

When she nodded, he was sure she'd firmed her jaw to keep her teeth from chattering. She obviously hadn't been a servant anywhere near as long as Seanna or Liam. This was not something to do to a young woman. He felt a vicious anger at all of them for it. Easing the underwear down her legs, he steadied her as she stepped out of them. He had her step back into her shoes, but otherwise she was now naked. "You. " He nodded at Seanna. "Put your heels back on as well. " He stepped back from Debra then unbuttoned his shirt, finding himself in line with Tara so that he had to watch her avid gaze cover every expanse of skin he was exposing. He couldn't do this. Couldn't fucking do it.

Look at me.

Gladly, he thought, shifting his gaze a moment before he thought to wonder if Lyssa's request was to ease his discomfort–not likely–or to satisfy some possessive need of her own. Either possibility might help him make it through this, though.

She'd shifted to the side in her pushed-back chair, her legs crossed, hand lying over her lap, the other resting on the table as her fingers stroked the stem of her wineglass. Casually imperious, hostess and highest ranking member of this assembly. Irresistible, her hair poured like silk over her shoulder, lips moist from the wine. She'd worn a man's poet shirt tonight, the full lace at the end of the sleeves draping her fingers, the loosely laced neckline revealing the curves of her breasts. She'd sashed it in over a black skirt.

The black and white outfit and the mascara she wore enhanced the depth of her eyes as he met her gaze, trying not to focus on the fact he was undressing in front of strangers to perform like a sexual gladiator with two women he didn't even know. Richard was now standing to his right, his brows raised, following Jacob's every move.

"I suspect this is not the first time your human servant has given you a reason to punish him, Lady Lyssa. "

"There is pleasure in punishment, Richard, as you well know. For us both, though Jacob is yet learning that. "

Do not speak unless invited to speak. He remembered the rule, had to bite off the pressing need to retort. He wanted the male vampire to give him another few feet of personal space. Hell, if he was out of the room and in the driveway he wouldn't be far enough. If he didn't stop staring at his ass…

He stripped off the pants viciously. The air in the room felt like weight on every part of his exposed skin. He was somewhat mollified when Tara drew in a startled breath and Richard took one step back. Jacob bent and removed the two wooden stakes neatly strapped to one calf and tossed them on the pile of his clothing.

He inclined his head, baring his teeth in a smile. "Part of my job is to protect and care for my Mistress, no?"

Richard's attention turned to Lyssa. His lady's expression was unreadable.

"Jacob, a challenge is on the table. Both of them to climax at once. Don't disappoint me. "

It brought his attention back to the unimaginable thing he was being asked to do, and to her.

"And Jacob… " She paused, considering him, her eyes wandering with a blatant appreciation that made his cock grow harder, responding to the attention like a mindlessly loyal golden retriever. "I command you to come as well. If at the same time, that will certainly be impressive, but if you cannot come within five minutes afterward, then I will make you stand before us and masturbate until you do. "

"Vampires are very patient, " Tara observed.

"Perhaps if he can't come within those five minutes, we should let Liam take charge of it. "

"No. " Lyssa shook her head at Richard. "That's only if he fails your challenge, not mine. Come, don't sulk, Richard. Most vampire males couldn't achieve such a feat as you've given him without the crutch of pheromones. " Tara snorted with laughter. "He'll likely fail, though I suspect Debra and Seanna will still get pleasure from the experience. "

"As will we. " Tara chuckled. "Seanna loves such games. She will be working against you, Jacob. Trying to come before or after young Debra. It will take a commanding touch to make her mind. " "You give him tips, my love. " Richard shot her a warning glance. "Cease. "

"Well then, Tara, that's where an alpha servant can be handy, " Lyssa said smoothly.

If I fail, the only way that smirking blond son of a bitch is going to fuck me is if that vamp bastard holds me down by force.

You think that isn't what Richard intends? What better show could he demand than two strong men struggling for sexual mastery over one another?

You would allow a vampire to hold me down to let another man rape me?

He met her gaze. Shadows flickered there, but there was no indication of her thoughts except what she spoke in his mind.

My world is not the human world, Jacob. Time is passing. Obey me and remember this as my punishment if you think to defy me again. As my punishments go, this one is gentler than most.

As the moments ticked by and the locked gazes of the hostess and her servant made it clear a battle of wills was ensuing, Jacob felt a dangerous energy gathering in the room. When he shifted his attention at last to Tara's cool expression and Richard's calculating one, it occurred to him the option to walk out no longer existed. He was in a room with three vampires who seemed entirely convinced the humans here would serve whatever need or drive they had, and if they didn't, they would be forced to do so.

As proof of it, three of them already stood unclothed. Seanna looked toward him expectantly. Debra had her eyes lowered, staring at Brian's feet.

Jacob reached out and took the young woman's cold hand. He drew her toward the end of the table where Seanna waited, watching them from behind Richard's empty chair.

"My lord, I'm commandeering your space for the pleasure of all viewers. " Jacob cast a contemptuous glance toward the male vampire a moment before he used his arm to sweep off the place setting, sending the dessert plate, silverware, place mat, bouquet and water glass spinning off the table. The china bounced onto the floor and shattered, spraying raspberry sauce over his ankle, the Aubusson carpet and chair legs.

Tara and Debra jumped. Everyone showed some adverse reaction except his lady, who could have been a statue as she watched him.

"Easy, lass. " Taking Debra by the forearm and elbow, he moved her before him so she was facing Lyssa. He glanced at Seanna, pointed to bring her to within a step from him. "You watch for now. No touching either of us, but you watch everything we do. "

Her dark eyes met his. She was almost his height, and he'd noted the slight parting of her lips at his words. His order. She liked a man to come on strong. And she liked to watch.

"It's a good thing you commanded them to keep on their shoes, " Tara noted, lifting her chin to take in the debris on the far side. "Thinking ahead to protect their feet. "

Jacob inclined his head. "There's that. But mainly I like fucking a woman when all she's wearing are those little skinny heels. "

He pressed his body up against Debra's back, taking both of her hands, guiding them down before her, down to her mons. "Play with your pussy for them, " he murmured against her ear as he bent to her neck. "Look toward your Master. Touch yourself for him, as you would if the two of you were alone. It's just you and him. "

"I've never… " "But it's something he's always wanted you to do. Look at him, lass. Every man likes seeing his woman touch herself. It makes him hard, makes him want to take you, even as you take yourself to completion while he watches. "

When she continued to hesitate he guided her, taking her fingers down, down, then resting his own fingertips between the spaces of hers on the soft blonde curls. He brushed his fingertips on her clit, earned a tremor, did it again, bringing her fingers into it while he took his other hand up to her breast. As he did, her pale lashes lifted. Following instinct, he nipped her slim throat and earned an instant reaction. An arching into his body, a gasp. Brian's eyes flared with response.

As Jacob worked down her shoulder, he rubbed himself slowly against her tense buttocks and watched his lady. Imagined it was her dark hair against his nose, his lips, her smooth petals growing wet against his fingertips. He thought about the way he'd driven hard into her cunt while she spread open for him on the kitchen table, her fangs sunk deep into him.

Power was building in the room, feeding on the response he was stoking and enhancing, provoking him further. Seanna's fingers brushed his flank. Without looking at her, he caught her hand, yanked, turned her so her ass was pressed against his hip, his arm pinning her arms to her sides by holding her across the breastbone, his hand clamped onto her opposite shoulder, which now brushed Debra's. He rubbed the side of his thigh against the cleft of Seanna's generous buttocks as he kissed his way back up to Debra's ear again, registering the way her breathing was starting to go shallow from arousal. He kept his arm firm just over Seanna's full breasts, letting her feel the pressure so close to the nipples, but it was Debra's nipples he pinched with his other hand, tugging as Seanna arched in involuntary invitation to do the same.

Instead, he kept her firmly anchored to him and sensed her surprise when she realized she couldn't shake him, not even to turn. She'd expected her strength as a servant would be enough to match him, but apparently two marks and his male human physique were enough to let him hold his own.

He pressed his hard cock against Debra's ass and felt her tense again. "Sshh, girl, " he murmured to her. "Nothing going in that way. Just let me tease you a bit. Spread your thighs out for me. "

When she did, he slid his cock between them, rubbing between her labia lips, teasing her clit with his hand as she leaned back further into him, her fingers now not only playing over her own clit, but making whispering, shy caresses on his broad head when he pushed through to her touch and withdrew, a repetitious stroking he could feel melting her tension and self-consciousness into halting, aroused response.

Bringing any woman to orgasm at the right moment was challenging. Synchronizing two was almost impossible, as Lyssa had implied. But he wasn't accepting the possibility of failure. It was just a matter of gauging the way they each responded, and what stimulated them the most.

Releasing Seanna, he shoved her down onto her belly on the smooth table surface. "Like to play games, do you, love? You'll play no games with me. Spread your legs and show me your cunt. Lift up that fine ass so I can see clear what I'm going to fuck. "

At the same moment, before Debra could tremble at his rough tone, he turned her gently. He moved close enough to lift her up by the waist, holding her in a short embrace, giving her a reassuring squeeze before he palmed her bottom and sat her on the table. Letting her hold onto his hand and wrist with one hand, he lowered her to her back next to Seanna, even as he roughly fondled the dark skin of that one's buttocks. He made his focus his own pleasure, conveying he didn't give a damn if his grip was too rough. If he wanted to leave fingerprints on her ass, that's what he'd do. As a result, she was dripping, her trembling thighs wide and ass lifted, inviting more.

"Lyssa, I think your man is proving that men can indeed multitask, " Tara commented, but Jacob barely heard her, caught in the flood of energy.

Gentle and rough. Tenderness and cruelty. Two sides of the coin,pleasures as light and dark as the women's contrasting skin, and with permutations of all the shades between. He couldn't deny the allure of it. Within him, as he suspected it was for most men, were the gentle lover and the demanding, primal animal. Here he was allowed to indulge and unleash both. Over it all was the watchful presence of his Mistress who'd compelled him to this course, which added an indefinable but no less arousing ingredient to it. The stimulation he felt was a synergy of all the arousal in the room. Instead of two women, he was arousing all of them. The power of it swept over him. While it drained some of the force of his anger, it left a sharp edge that only fed the hunger in himself.

Covering the side of Debra's left breast with one hand, he let the fingers of his other drift down her body, down to her mound. Tugging at those simple, delicate curls, he feathered over the pink lips that peeked from them, inviting the pads of his fingers. At the same time, when Seanna spread her legs wider, bumping Debra's leg, he startled her with a hard flat-handed slap on those wet lips, causing a gasp. It distracted Debra enough he had no trouble inserting a finger up to the second knuckle into her, drawing her attention back to him immediately. He worked the finger just inside her opening, letting her feel the sucking wetness as he used his thumb to put pressure on her clit.

"Oh… " A little breath left her and her head tilted toward Brian. Her Master was a tense statue at his place setting, watching her with avid interest. A flush tinged her cheeks at the intensity of his expression.

Jacob turned Seanna over on her back. "Link your arms, " he commanded. Debra looked confused, but Seanna slid her arm through the space between the other girl's elbow and body.

"Lift them over your head. "

When Seanna did, Debra's trembling increased. Because the women were of similar height, it drew them closer together as he'd expected, pressing left breast against the side of the right.

Removing his fingers from Debra, he commanded them to do the same with their legs and then he straddled that linked pair of limbs, pressing his thighs against the pussy of each woman. He bent, cupping Debra's breast in one hand and Seanna's in the other. He began to suckle them, administer random teasing licks with his tongue. Because their arms and legs were linked, the movements of their bodies responding to him rubbed him harder against them so their slickness marked his upper thighs. The tip of his cock was wet and marked Debra's hip in return, for her leg was on top.

Richard was kneading Tara's breasts in earnest, and he'd bent to her neck, sharply nipping her. Brian reached forward impulsively and grasped Debra's unencumbered breast, his knuckles brushing Jacob's. Debra cried out in reaction to his touch.

Still the Lady Lyssa just watched. No expression on her perfect face.

If I crawled under the table and pressed my face to your knees, my lady, would you part them for me? Would I find you soaking wet, your clit aching for the suckling of my lips?