Sins of the Night (Page 34)

Sins of the Night (Dark-Hunter #8)(34)
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon

"Xiamara, do you not-"

"I am the Simi," she said, stomping her foot. "Xiamara is my mother."

Xirena was so confused that Ash actually felt sorry for her.

Simi came up to her slowly and poked at her. "You look real."

"I am real."

"Then why did you not come see me?"

Xirena was aghast at the question. "I couldn’t. The bitch-goddess wouldn’t let me."

"Artemis?" Simi squealed. "I hate her."

"No," Xirena corrected her, "the other bitch-goddess, Apollymi."

"Hey!" Ash snapped simultaneously with Simi.

Xirena looked even more confused.

"She a goddess, that Apollymi," Simi said reverently. "She always good to the Simi. She makes me horney-warmers to keep my horneys warm and she gives me lots of cookies when I come see her."

Xirena’s jaw dropped. "She does what?"

Simi put her hands on her hips. "You heard me, deaf demon. She a good lady, that Apollymi, and the Simi will hurt anyone who says otherwise."

Xirena stepped forward and whispered loudly. "Will your akri let me talk to you alone?"

Simi blew a raspberry and waved her hand at Ash. "Like I care if he says no. He don’t control me."

Xirena appeared horrified by her words. "He’s your akri."

Simi blew her another raspberry. "He’s my daddy."

"He’s your akri," she said from between clenched fangs.

Simi frowned at Ash. "There’s something seriously wrong with my sister. Why she keep saying you my lord and master when you’re just my daddy, akri?"

Ash shrugged. "I have no idea, Sim. You need to set her straight."

"Hmmm." Simi wrapped her arm around her sister’s shoulders and led her over to the corner where she had her own television monitors. "See, in this world, Xirena, the Simi does what she wants and akri, he say, ‘Okay, Simi, whatever you want, Simi.’ Unless it involves eating people; then he usually says no, but that’s the only time. Other than that, he do what the Simi says. See how that works?"

Xirena appeared completely baffled by her sister.

Simi popped her head up to look at Ash. "Where she staying anyway?"

"You could share a room with-"

"No," she said immediately. "The Simi don’t share her room, akri. Ever. I don’t care that she is my sister. My room has all my special mementos in there. I think you should make her one of her own."

Ash knew better than to argue with his demon. Not to mention the fact that it didn’t bother him to humor her. He actually enjoyed spoiling her. "Okay. Where do you want it?"

"Kind of next to mine, but not so close that she blocks the view to my Travis Fimmel billboard that the Simi has on the great wall."

"Your what?" Xirena asked. "What’s a Travis Fimmel?"

Simi’s jaw dropped as she looked stunned. "You don’t know about Travis Fimmel? Oh, sister, you are deprived. He the finest man alive."

Xirena shuddered. "You lust for men?"

"Well, I certainly don’t lust for women."

"No," Xirena corrected, "I mean, you lust for humans?" The way she said that you could tell it was the most disgusting thing the demon could imagine.

"Well, don’t you?" Simi asked.

"Ew!" Xirena looked at Ash. "What have you done to her? You have corrupted a good demon!" She looked back at Simi. "You need to see Drakus."

"Who that?"

"He the finest demon to ever live. He can breathe fire out his nose and mouth at the same time."

Simi’s face beamed. "Ooo!"

Ash cringed as he saw where this was going. "Simi’s too young for that."

"No she’s not," they said in unison.

"I think you’re outnumbered, boss."

Ash turned to see Alexion behind him. Danger was entering the room just behind him. Her eyes widened as she took in the opulence of the Atlantean throne room.

He sighed as Alexion stopped beside him. "Forget Armageddon, this is the scariest thing I’ve ever seen." Ash watched in horror as the two demons sat down and started comparing notes on "hot" men and male demons.

Alexion turned to Danger and smiled. "I think it’s a good thing we have a woman in the house now. Maybe she can talk some sense into them."

Danger snorted. "The demons are your domain, not mine. I’m not even going there."

Ash actually whimpered as Xirena began telling Simi the correct mating habits of the Charontes. "This is going to get ugly. Thanks, Lex."

Alexion smiled as he pulled Danger in his arms and held her close. "No, boss, thank you."

Ash glanced at the two of them and saw the love that they had for each other.

It went a long way in soothing the part of him that hated to have strangers in his home.

And as he looked into Danger’s future, he saw absolutely nothing. For the first time in his long life, he found it comforting.

It meant only one thing.

Danger would definitely be an integral part of their future lives.