Seducing The Wolf (Chapter Two)

Billie worked at the gym her father owned as a personal trainer. She also taught a self-defense class a couple times of week. Even though the gym was the family business, Billie never felt as if she was expected to work there. In fact, it was her dream job. She loved being at the gym, able to work out whenever she wished. To be around her father and brothers every day was an added bonus. They were all the family she had. Her mother had run out on her father shortly after Billie had been born. So her father had the task of raising his only daughter alone. It was no wonder Billie had turned out to be a tomboy growing up. Her father really had no idea what to do with a little girl. Instead of playing with dolls, she had followed her father around the gym learning how to run it. When she turned fourteen, her father gave Billie her first set of weights, and so began her love of weight training.

Turning back from replacing the set of dumbbells the member she had been training had been using, Billie found Hayes and her other three brothers circled around her. She ground her teeth knowing full well what was coming. They did this every time she showed an interest in a guy, especially when it was one they didn't know. She pinned Hayes with a hard stare. He had to have been the one to tell the others about what happened at Wulf's Den the night before. Not backing down an inch, Hayes crossed his arms over his wide chest and glared back at her.

It was rough being the baby sister to four older brothers, especially when those older brothers had enough testosterone between them to choke a horse. All of them lifted weights and were over six foot. They looked like a bunch of line backers. It was part of the reason why Billie had taken up weight lifting and had learned self-defense. She may be shorter than them, but she could give them all a run for their money.

Leaning back against the rack of dumbbells that ran along the length of the wall, Billie looked at each of her brothers. The York siblings all took after their father in looks, or so Billie had been told since she had no memories of her mother. They all inherited their fathers straight black hair and grey-blue eyes. Keegan, who was the oldest at thirty-five, was ten years older than Billie and resembled their father the most. And being the oldest, Keegan thought it gave him the right to basically butt into the lives of his siblings. The next in line were Eli and Finn. They were identical twins and were two years younger than Keegan. Then there was Hayes. He was two years younger than the twins. Being only six years older than Billie, he was the closest in age to her out of all her brothers.

Billie had to admit her brothers were not hard to look at. With their rugged good looks, longish hair and well conditioned bodies they tended to garner a lot of attention from the opposite sex. Out of all of them only Keegan and Hayes were married. The twins loved women too much to settle for just one, or so they liked to tell everyone.

"All right, let's get on with it. Start your interrogation so I can have it over with and get on with the rest of my day." Billie said blandly.

Keegan of course was the first one to start. "So what is this about you throwing yourself at a guy you just met at a nightclub last night?"

"That is none of your business."

"Like hell it isn't. You're our baby sister. We have to watch over you, especially if you're going to track this guy down."

Billie glared at Hayes again before she turned back to Keegan. "I'm not a little girl anymore. I'm twenty-five years old. I can look after myself. Can you guys give me a break and keep your noses out of my love life? It would be nice not to have the lot of you scaring off a guy I take an interest in."

"From the sounds of it, you managed to do that quite nicely all on your own."

"Yeah, we heard the guy couldn't get away from you fast enough," Eli said with a chuckle.

"After you locked lips with him he almost pushed you onto your butt so he could get away," Finn added.

Billie scowled at Hayes. "Did you have to tell them everything?"

"Yeah, I did. Maybe that will teach you to stay at home and not come running after me whenever Janice calls."

"I'm so going to tell Janice about the gorgeous waitress you were talking to at the nightclub. You know the one that looked like a super model."

Hayes visibly paled and shook his head. "You wouldn't."

"I'm sure Janice will be thrilled to know you were talking to some hot, skinny woman. I'm sure it will make your wife, who is eight months pregnant with your child, feel you don't find her sexy because she thinks she's as big as a house."

Before Hayes could say anything in return, Eli butted into the conversation. "A hot, skinny super model? What is the nightclub called? Finn, we have to check this place out."

Finn nodded his head enthusiastically. "Most definitely. Was there more than one hot chick there, Hayes?"

Jumping on the chance to divert the topic of discussion away from his wife, Hayes nodded. "The place is called Wulf's Den. You won't believe the number of hot women who were there. It looked as if a super model convention was taking place there."

Finn rubbed his hands together. "I know where I'll be going tonight. I have an itch I'm sure one of those ladies won't mind scratching."

Billie pretended to stick her finger down her throat and gag. "And you think I'm bad. Isn't it about time the two of you settled down and started a family of your own like Keegan and Hayes? You aren't getting any younger you know."

Eli gasped in mock horror. "Not in this lifetime."

"And I second that," Finn quickly added.

"I'll be sure to rub that statement into both of your faces when you each find the right woman," Billie said. "The whole playboy persona won't hold up with age you know. Someday it'll turn a woman's stomach instead of her head. Now if you all are done, I have somewhere to go."

When Billie tried to walk away, Keegan moved to stand in front of her, blocking her path. "Oh no, you don't. You're not leaving until you tell us more about the man you met at the nightclub."

Knowing there would be no escape until she told them something, Billie blew a breath out on a sigh. "His name is Royce. He offered to help me with Hayes. Other than that he is gorgeous, muscular and taller than all of you, that is everything I know about him. Now get out of my way before I'm forced to do something painful to you."

Billie bit back a smile as Keegan automatically brought his hands up, protectively cupping his groin as he moved out of her way. She had to give it to her brothers, they were quick learners. None of them took her warnings lightly anymore.

"Tell Dad I'm finished for the day and I'll see you all tomorrow."

Anxious to be on her way, Billie only took the time to collect her purse before she headed out to her car. Once she was behind the steering wheel, she closed her eyes and brought Royce's image up in her mind. Focusing, she honed in on his location. A smile of satisfaction spread across her lips when she found him.

* * * *

Royce pushed away the newspaper he had been trying to read in disgust. He had come into the kitchen to have a coffee and read that day's newspaper, hoping to distract himself from thoughts better left not thought about. He was failing miserably.

Thoughts of Billie were haunting him. No matter what he tried, he couldn't get the smell, taste or feel of her out of his head. Just thinking about her brought the wolf inside him roaring to life. With the mating urge riding him hard, he'd had one erotic dream after another about her during the night. He'd woken up with his body hard and aching for her. Even now, he was still semi-aroused.

With a snarl, he tried to rid his mind of the memory of how it had felt to kiss Billie, have her body pressed to his. But it wouldn't go away. It had been hundreds of years since he had held a woman in his arms in that way. After the loss of his mate, he hadn't been interested in having another woman in his life. And finding a woman he wanted to take to his bed for only a night held no appeal for him.

Now, after the many years that had gone by since Alicia's passing, he had found another mate. And like Alicia, Billie was not a werewolf. He didn't want to be mated to another mortal. It had caused him too much pain when Alicia had been taken from him. The only thing that had kept him going had been his baby daughter, Nina. She was all he'd had left of his mate. To protect her from the villagers who had killed her mother, and not sure of how his pack would have reacted to his having a daughter who was mortal, he had stepped down as pack leader and gone lone wolf. He took his daughter away and watched over her as she grew to womanhood, as he had all her descendants.

Royce didn't mind being alone. He still had Roxie and her mother, Belinda, to watch out for. He had raised Belinda as his own daughter when her parents had died when she was little. She was mortal as all of Nina's descendants had been. All of them except Roxie. Roxie had been born a mortal, but through a little known spell, she was now a werewolf as he was. And she was the only one who looked so very much like Alicia. That Roxie had even inherited some of Alicia's memories, had caused him at one time to think Roxie was Alicia reincarnated, but Roxie had soon disabused him of that notion. She had already found her mate in the form of Beowulf, the one he had chosen to take his place as pack leader. It seemed only fitting that their two families be joined.

Picking up the cup that sat on the table next to the newspaper, Royce took a sip and then grimaced. The coffee was cold. He was about to get up and pour himself another cup of coffee when his doorbell rang. Royce looked over at the clock on the wall. It was just after four in the afternoon. He had to wonder who it could be. He wasn't expecting anyone.

The doorbell rang again. Obviously whoever was at his door wasn't going to be so easily put off. Pushing back the kitchen chair he sat on, Royce got up and headed for the front door before the person could ring the bell for a third time.

All prepared to send whomever it was away, Royce yanked open the front door. Seeing who it was standing on his front porch had the wolf inside him fighting to have control. Ruthlessly, Royce pushed the wolf back.

"Billie, what are you doing here?"

"Nice to see you again as well, Royce," Billie said with a smile. "I thought I'd drop by and see if you'd had a change of heart since last night."

"How did you find out where I lived?"

"The telephone book?"

"I'm not listed in the telephone book."

"Oh, well, I have my ways. Are you going to invite me in or what?"

"I don't think that would be a good idea."

Actually, he knew that wouldn't be a good idea. Royce didn't know if he could trust himself to keep his hands off her now that she was here in person. He felt as if he was a bomb ready to go off at any moment. Billie's scent was doing a real number on him. For starters, the semi-erection he had been sporting for most of the day was now fully erect. Images of pulling Billie into the house as he dragged her to the floor and sheathed his aching cock inside her moist heat had him clenching his teeth together.

"I promise I won't stay long if you're busy. I thought we could get to know each other a little better before you decide you don't want me around."

While Billie spoke, she moved closer to Royce. Not wanting their bodies to come in contact, knowing if they did it would have the same reaction as fire being set to tinder, Royce stepped back. Billie kept crowding him with her body until she had him back inside the house. Royce didn't realize what she had done until she closed the front door behind her.

Hoping to take control of the situation, Royce stood up straighter and gave Billie a stern look. "Now that you've managed to get yourself inside my house I suppose you can stay for a few minutes. I have coffee if you'd like some." He didn't wait for her reply as he headed back to the kitchen. He heard Billie following behind him.

Royce got a clean mug out of the cupboard. After filling it with coffee from the pot he had made earlier, he placed it on the kitchen table where Billie had taken a seat. He took the chair across from her and waited to see what she would do next. He had a feeling it would be no easy task to get her out of his house. It didn't appear as if Billie was going to take no for an answer. If she had been a werewolf, he would have already had her under him on his bed. To make sure he kept his hands to himself, Royce crossed his arms over his chest.

Billie took a sip of her coffee. Her grey-blue eyes never wavered off his face. Once she put the mug back down on the table, she pulled her gaze away and looked around the room. "Nice place you have here, Royce."

"Thanks. Now what exactly do you want?" he asked in what he hoped was a bored tone of voice.

"Aren't we Mr. Sunshine?" Billie asked sarcastically. "I guess I'll get straight to the point. I find you attractive and I'd like to pursue that. I know it's not all one-sided either judging by the way you kissed me last night. So what do you say about us getting to know each other better and see how it goes from there?"

"Last night was a momentary weakness on my part. I think it would be better to leave matters the way they are right now." His eyes fell to the grey t-shirt Billie wore. It had York Fitness stenciled in black across the chest. "Isn't your last name York?"

Billie looked down at her shirt then back up at him. "You remembered. See? You are interested. York Fitness is the gym my Dad owns. I work there as do my brothers."

"I thought you only had one brother."

"No. I have four older brothers."

Royce let out a low whistle. "That must be fun for you having four brothers watching over you. What do you do at the gym? Do you work in the office?"

"God, no," Billie said with a laugh. "When I first showed signs of wanting to work at the gym my Dad started me off in the office. Let's just say math is not my strong suit, and my phone etiquette sometimes leaves a lot to be desired. I tend to say whatever is on my mind. I'm a personal trainer and I teach a few self-defense classes."

That explained how Billie had easily subdued her brother the night before even though Hayes was almost twice her size. Now that she had mentioned it, Royce could see Billie had a muscular build. Her shoulders were broad and there was noticeable muscle tone showing on her arms. Royce wondered what her legs looked like under the black yoga pants she wore. He bet they were just as well toned. He couldn't help picturing how it would feel to have her legs wrapped around his waist as he drove into her body. Realizing where his thoughts were taking him, Royce groaned and closed his eyes. He tried to bring his body back under control.

"Are you okay, Royce?"

He opened his eyes to find Billie staring at him with a look of concern on her face. Fighting the mating urge was turning out to be a losing battle with her being in the same room. He had to get away from her, but he couldn't say the words that would make her leave. All he could do was look back at her with the longing he felt. Against his will, he let his gaze drift lower. At her chest, he watched it rise and fall with each breath Billie took. His fingers itched to reach across the table and cup her surprisingly full breasts in each of his hands. The wolf, too long denied, roared at him to do it. He dragged his eyes back up to Billie's face and found her lips slightly parted as she drew in one rapid breath after another. The scent of her rising desire wafted over him, more potent than the most expensive perfume. Royce clenched his jaw together until it ached, stopping the animalistic growl that rose up within him. Unable to look away, he fisted his hands on the table in front of him.