Seducing The Wolf (Chapter Sixteen)

It had taken another hour for the rest of the tranquilizer to leave Royce's system completely. During that time, Finn had done a pretty good job of ignoring him. Royce had been quite happy to leave the other man alone. After managing on his own to get himself sitting with his back up against a wall, Royce dozed off and on until he felt back to normal.

Now that he was fully awake, he decided Finn had had enough time to stew over matters. "You know you can't ignore me indefinitely, Finn. We have to try to get out of these ropes before Gren comes back."

Finn gave him a hard stare. "Can't you turn into a wolf? Your ropes would slip off once you do."

Royce shook his head. "Didn't you hear what Gren said? As long as I'm bound by this rope, I can't get free. The rope he used to bind me has silver threads in it. Silver inhibits my ability to shift into a wolf. I can't make the change fully."

"What do you want me to do?"

"Let's sit back to back and see if either one of us can work the knots free."

Pushing away from the wall, Royce inched his way over to where Finn sat. Once they were in position, he pushed his bound hands against Finn's. "See if you can get my ropes untied first. I'll be able to handle Gren better than you will."

"What makes you think I wouldn't be able to handle him?"

"You're not a werewolf. Plain and simple."

"So werewolves are so much more superior than mortals, is that it? If the bastard hadn't blindsided me, I'm sure I would have wiped the floor with him."

Royce snorted. "That wouldn't have happened. Regardless of how big you are, Gren would still have been able to take you. We aren't so much superior as we are stronger than you mortals are. Now if you're done thumping your chest, could you try to get this rope untied?" Leaning slightly forward, he pushed his hands up until he brushed against Finn's bound hands.

Finn shifted closer. He tried to work the rope with his fingers for a few minutes then cursed. "He has bound my hands too tightly. I can't feel my fingers. There's no way I'll be able to work those knots loose."

"All right, let me see if I can get you free instead." Royce sat up and moved his hands until he could feel the rope around Finn's wrists. Gren obviously hadn't tied his hands as tightly. He still had feeling in his fingers. Gren must have been counting on the silver being enough of a safeguard so that he wouldn't have to worry about Royce being able to free himself.

Once Royce set to work on the knots, Finn asked, "Just how many of you are around?"

"You'd be surprised. Our numbers have slowly declined over the years, but there are still quite a few of us werewolves around."

"I find that hard to believe."

"You've been to Wulf's Den I believe?"

"Yeah." Finn sounded leery.

"I'm sure you noticed all the very good looking people that either work there or come there for a few drinks. Let's put it to you this way. My kind is known to be better looking than the average person." Royce bit back a smile as he felt Finn stiffen behind him.

"Are you telling me I've been trying to pick up werewolves every time I've gone to Wulf's Den?"

"It would seem so. Beowulf, the owner of Wulf's Den, is my pack leader."

"Damn. I never would have guessed."

"Of course you wouldn't have. It isn't as if we want all of mortal kind to know of our existence. That could cause innumerable problems for us. Those of you who would fear what we are would take great joy in annihilating our kind." Royce felt the rope around Finn's wrists loosen.

"And Billie is fine with you being different?"

"Yes." Having managed to untie the final knot, Royce dropped the ends of the rope. "I got it. You should be able to get the rope off now."

Finn hissed with pain. No longer bound, the blood would be rushing back into his hands. "Give me a few seconds to get my feet free, then I'll get you untied."

Royce heard the lock being turned on the door a split second before Finn did. He shook his head when the other man got up and went to stand beside the door. Finn ignored him. Once Gren was in the room, Finn stepped out from behind the door and grabbed him by the shoulder. He spun Gren around and slammed his fist into his face. Gren barely moved. As Finn gathered himself for another strike, Gren lunged. With his hand wrapped around Finn's throat, Gren lifted him off his feet until he dangled in the air. His face started to turn red as Gren cut off his windpipe.

"I see I shouldn't have left the two of you alone together. I'll let this one slide, mortal, only because I want you in one piece when I try the spell. But if you try that again, you won't get off so easily."

Gren threw Finn across the room. He landed in a heap against the wall. Finn pushed himself up into a sitting position and coughed as he tried to draw deep breaths of air into his lungs. Royce snarled at Gren.

"Your time of reckoning has come, lone wolf. Let's put your blood to the test."

Gren stalked over to Royce and grabbed a handful of his hair. He painfully wrenched his neck to the side, exposing the large vein in Royce's neck. Holding him in place, Gren pulled an empty syringe out of his pants' pocket and pulled the plastic guard off the needle with his teeth. Spitting it out, Gren jabbed the needle into the side of Royce's neck. Royce gritted his teeth as the needle penetrated his skin. As Gren filled the syringe with blood, Royce vowed he would make Gren pay before the day was over.

* * * *

"Are you sure this is the place, Billie?" Beowulf asked her as she got out of the car to stand next to him.

"Positive. I'm never wrong."

Using her gift, Billie had Beowulf drive to an older industrial area in the city. In the car that followed behind them were four other men from his pack. Each one of them looked as if they could tear a brick wall apart with their bare hands.

Billie scanned the empty warehouse that was in front of them. She knew Royce was inside there with Finn. If she'd had her way, she would already be inside looking for them, but Beowulf had warned her not to be too hasty. He didn't want to take any chances. It was killing her, but she managed to hold herself back. Being forcibly separated from Royce, she wasn't handling it well. The need to be with Royce was harder to ignore. And now that she was a werewolf, it was hitting her that much harder. It also made the need for Royce to take her, to have his hard cock buried deep inside her core, stronger than she had felt before. It made her edgy and downright bitchy. All she could think about was tearing Gren apart for taking Royce away from her.

Beowulf signaled for his men to take a quick search around the outside of the warehouse. Once they were gone, Billie started to grow impatient. She fisted her hands at her sides and growled low in her throat.

"Easy, Billie," Beowulf warned. "Don't let the wolf rule you. Wait until the others come back. We don't want to walk into a trap."

A minute ticked by, and then another. As she waited, Billie felt the muscles in her legs tighten with the strain of keeping herself reined back. She closed her eyes and looked for Royce. Her eyes quickly snapped open. She growled and bared her teeth.

"Billie." Beowulf reached out to stop her, but she shook him off.

"We have to go now, Beowulf. I can't wait for them to get back. Gren is making his move."

She took hold of the locked doorknob and wrenched it until the lock broke. Pushing the door open, Billie rushed inside with Beowulf close on her heels. Her nose zoned in on Royce's scent. Without missing a step, she crossed the large open space to the back of the building. There, she found the storage room. The door stood wide open.

Reaching for the magic inside her, Billie went wolf as she launched herself through the open door. She didn't stop her forward motion until she rammed into Gren who was standing over Royce. She hit him with enough force to push him away. Landing on her feet, she stood next to Royce and growled.

Gren easily regained his balance. "What do we have here? It would seem someone has been using my spell."

Billie felt Royce's gaze on her, but she knew better than to take her eyes off Gren. She edged closer to Royce until her side was pressed up against his shoulder. She bared her teeth and gathered her muscles under her, ready to strike if Gren so much as moved.

From across the room, Finn asked, "Billie, is that really you?"

Beowulf, who had slipped into the room, moved to stand over Finn. "There will be more than enough time for questions later."

Gren snarled with rage. "Have you come to take me to your bitch, Beowulf? It would seem she has taken something of mine."

"The spell was never yours to take, Gren," Beowulf snarled back. "You have gone too far this time. Roxie will decide what needs to be done about you. And I can guarantee you it won't be as simple as chaining you outside in my backyard for a day either."

That seemed to incite Gren even more. Turning away from Billie, he leaped across the room and grabbed Finn. Before Beowulf could stop him, he jabbed the syringe he held in his hand into Finn's neck with what Billie assumed was Royce's blood.

"Now we'll see if Roxie is the only who can change an ordinary mortal into a werewolf."

Gren let Finn go and stepped back. He recited the words to the spell Roxie had used earlier on her. Billie knew it wasn't going to work. She knew Roxie's blood was the key, not Royce's. Moving lower to the ground, she stalked closer to Gren.

When Finn showed no reaction, Gren threw back his head and howled with rage. Then everything seemed to happen at once. The men Beowulf had brought rushed into the room just as Billie leapt at Gren. This time she didn't have the element of surprise, and Gren proved to be just as quick as any of his kind. Sensing her coming, he spun around and caught her in midair. With a grim smile on his face, Gren squeezed her ribs until she stopped struggling.

"You may be a werewolf now, girl, but you're still no match for me."

Billie quickly shifted back into human form, which caused Gren's hold on her to shift. "We'll see about that."

Using the same strikes she taught in her self-defense classes, Billie stomped on the inside of Gren's foot hard enough to cause him to release her. Next she brought her knee up into his crotch. As he sank to the floor bent over, Billie brought her linked hands down onto the back of his head. He fell to the floor like a stone where he lay stunned and moaning in pain.

Panting from her exertion, Billie looked around the room. She met the stunned expressions of the other men in the room. While she had been battling Gren, someone had freed Royce of his bonds. He took a step toward her. As he grew nearer, his look of surprise left his face to be replaced with a look of pride. Billie smiled back, but it soon fell away when Royce's expression changed into one of shock as his gaze focused onto something behind her.

Not taking the time to even think of what she was doing, Billie went wolf as she spun around. She bunched her back legs under her and jumped as Gren dove for her brother with a knife in his hand. She caught Gren's throat in her powerful jaws and took him to the floor.

A rage like no other she had ever felt before overtook her. Her hackles rose around her neck and she growled as she thought of what this male could do to her family, to Royce if he was ever allowed to go free. The wolf inside her pushed to the fore. The wolf took her over and did what needed to be done. Billie felt her strong jaws snap shut, breaking Gren's neck.

With the taste of Gren's blood in her mouth, Billie let go of his neck. Beowulf pushed her aside as he bent over Gren. Still in wolf form, she looked up at Finn who stood where Gren had dropped him. He eyed her with unease, as if he expected her to attack him next. She took a step toward him only to be brought up short when he backed away from her.

A large hand landed on the back of her neck. Billie looked up to find Royce standing next to her. "It's over, Billie. Let the wolf go."

Back in human form, she started to shake as she realized what she had done. She still tasted Gren's blood on her tongue, and she could smell it on her skin. Royce quickly gathered her up in his arms and held her tight against him. She closed her eyes as she breathed in his scent.

"It's all right, Billie. I'm going to take you out of here." Royce rubbed her back. He then called Beowulf's name. "I have to get her out of here."

Beowulf pulled his car keys out of his pocket and tossed them to Royce. "Take my car. We'll take care of everything."

With Royce's arm held protectively around her, Billie kept her face pressed to his chest as he led her outside to Beowulf's car. She felt numb inside. She'd just taken a life. Her mother's prediction had come true. The wolf was a killer.