Seducing The Wolf (Chapter Eight)

She was losing it. That had to be the only logical explanation for what she was going through. It was only a little past noon, almost two hours since she had watched Royce drive away from her apartment, and the need to be with him made her feel as if she wanted to climb the walls in desperation.

The later it got, the more uncomfortable Billie became. She barely managed to stay civil to the gym members she had training sessions with that day. Having sensed her mood from her earlier outburst when she had first arrived, her brothers had wisely kept their distance.

Though she was torturing herself by using her ability to locate people, it didn't stop her from checking every few minutes to see where Royce was, which didn't help matters either. If anything, it increased the need by small increments each time she did it. She just couldn't seem to stop herself.

Another hellish hour went by. After ending her last training session of the day, Billie once again looked to see if Royce was still where he had been the last time she had checked. Her eyes snapped open and she gasped as a wave of need slammed into her. Royce was no longer at his house. He was sitting in his parked car in the visitor's parking at her apartment. The knowledge that Royce was waiting for her to return to her apartment was more than Billie could take. She had to go to him.

In a matter of minutes, Billie had retrieved her purse and was rushing toward the gym exit. In her haste she just about knocked Janice over who had just arrived and was standing in the lobby.

She put out a steadying hand as she quickly apologized to Janice. "Sorry. I didn't see you there. Hayes is still on the gym floor." Billie then stepped around her sister-in-law.

"What's the hurry? I didn't come to see Hayes. I came to see you. I've been dying to hear how your date went with Royce. I figured it went well since you weren't at your place when Hayes started calling you practically at the crack of dawn."

Billie didn't stop her forward movement. She turned so she could walk backwards as she spoke to Janice in return. "I have to go see Royce. Yes, it went really well. And Royce says he has to call and thank you for picking out that dress for me to wear. Sorry, but I really have to go. I'll phone you later."

"I told you Royce would love you in it," Janice shouted at Billie as she slipped out the gym's front doors.

She arrived at her apartment in record time. After she parked her car, she headed for the visitor's parking. Billie was practically running by the time she spotted Royce's black BMW. Just before she reached it, Royce stepped out of the car. He turned in her direction and swept her up in his arms. Not caring that everyone in her apartment building could see what they were doing, Billie grabbed a fistful of Royce's hair and pulled his mouth down to hers. At the first touch of his lips, she felt some of the anxiety she had been feeling slip away. It was quickly replaced by a raging need like none she had ever felt before.

It took a surprising amount of self-control on Billie's part not to suggest they get into the backseat of Royce's car and make love like a pair of horny teenagers. Instead, she pulled her mouth away and looked up at him. The desire coursing through her body still had her in its grip. "I need you inside me, Royce. I haven't been able to think of anything else but you since you left. There has to be something wrong with me. This can't be normal."

Royce seemed as affected as she. His chest quickly rose and fell with each breath he took. "It's normal." He took her hand and started heading for the front entrance to her apartment building. "I suggest we get inside before I do something that could very well get us arrested. I need to be inside you as much as you need me to be there. It has been a very long time since I last went through this. I'd forgotten how bad it could be in the beginning."

Billie quickly used her key to unlock the secured door. They hurried over to the elevator. Royce pushed the up button. "I'm not sure what you mean about forgetting how hard this could be. If you mean this desperate feeling I have that if I don't make love to you soon I'm going to go crazy, it is far from normal for me. I'm not the type of woman who becomes so obsessed with the man she is with that he takes over her life."

The elevator doors slid open before them. Once inside, Billie quickly pushed the button for her floor and the one to close the elevator doors. She wasn't in the mood to have anyone else joining them. Keeping her hands fisted at her sides, she watched the numbers light up at each floor that went by until the elevator stopped at her floor.

At her apartment door, Royce yanked her back into his arms. She felt the hard length of his cock nestled against her stomach. Billie sucked in a breath as the ache between her legs intensified and her body grew wet. He ground his hips into her, leaving no doubt that he was as turned on as she was. "I won't take over your life, Billie. I'm now just a part of you, as you are a part of me. Forever."

Before she could ask what he meant by forever, Royce took her mouth in a kiss that made her legs go weak. Blindly, she fumbled with her keys until she got the right one into the lock. When the apartment door swung open, Royce walked her backwards inside and slammed the door shut behind them. Now that they were away from prying eyes, Billie let go of the tight rein she held over herself.

With her hands on Royce's chest, she pushed him back against the closed door. She had waited too long to let him take control. It was her turn to do all the things to him that she had been picturing in her head while they had been apart. Skimming her hands down his sides, Billie took hold of the bottom of his t-shirt and pushed it up to his chest. Royce continued to kiss her as if he wanted to devour her. His tongue plunged into her mouth, thoroughly tasting her. Billie moaned. It wasn't enough. She wanted more.

Breaking contact, she pulled his shirt over his head and let it drop to the floor. She took a step closer as she dragged her lips down the side of his throat. She swirled her tongue across the small mark she had left there the night before. Royce groaned and bucked his hips against her when she lightly nipped him there.

Billie licked a path across his collarbone and down to his chest. Before moving lower, she circled her tongue around each of his male flat nipples. Going down on her knees before him, she made short work of opening his jeans. She watched Royce's face as she slowly inched his jeans down past his hips. His eyes glowed mutedly as he looked down at her with stark desire.

Focusing her attention onto what she desired the most, Billie took Royce's cock firmly in her hand. She pumped it up and down his shaft until a small bead of moisture appeared at the very tip. Gently, she used a finger to rub it into his skin. With the same finger she stroked it down the length of his cock before wrapping her fingers around him at the base of his shaft. Royce growled deep in his chest as she bent and swirled her tongue around the head of his cock.

Lifting her eyes up to his face once again, Billie parted her lips and took as much of him as she could manage into her mouth. Royce gasped with pleasure as she greedily started to suck. She felt him grow harder. Unable to keep her gaze on him, she let her eyes drift shut so she could completely focus on what she was doing to him. With each moan she wrung out of him, she felt her inner walls clench. Wetness dripped between her legs. She was more than ready to have him deep inside her.

Royce gently pulled her away. Helping her up onto her feet, he yanked her yoga pants down until she could kick them off. Her panties quickly followed. Billie removed her shirt and sports bra, leaving her to stand naked before him. Royce let his gaze roam up and down her body as he shed his jeans. Billie found her eyes drawn to his cock, which was thick and hard.

Sinking down to her knees onto the carpeted floor, Billie crocked a finger at Royce to join her. He didn't hesitate. On his knees in front of her, he bent his head and sucked one of her nipples deep inside his mouth. Billie moaned. With each pull of his mouth, she could feel it deep inside her core. No longer able to wait to have him, Billie pushed at Royce's shoulders until he sat on the floor. He leaned back on his hands, supporting his weight.

Billie moved to straddle his hips. Placing her hands on top his shoulders, she slid her wet pussy along his cock, coating him with her juices. With her bottom lip between her teeth, she arched her hips and impaled herself on his hard shaft to the hilt.

Slowly, Billie rocked against Royce. She squeezed her inner walls around his shaft as she rode him. She felt the first tremors of her orgasm begin to build in intensity. Leaning forward so the tips of her breasts brushed against Royce's chest, Billie dragged her teeth across his skin where his neck and shoulder met. She felt Royce stiffen beneath her. As her climax rose up to meet her, she bit down hard on Royce's neck, which sent him into an instant orgasm.

Spent, Billie collapsed onto his chest. Royce wrapped his arms around her. His cock was still hard, keeping their bodies joined. Once she was able to catch her breath, Billie kissed his chin before she sat up straighter. "I can feel you're ready to have another go at it." She gave his cock a squeeze. "You are going to spoil me with that keeping hard trick of yours. How will my future boyfriends ever be able to compete with that?"

With a growl, Royce threaded his fingers through her hair and brought her face closer to his. "There will be no others, Billie. You are mine, and I don't easily give up something that is mine."

The way he looked at her so intently, Billie couldn't hold back the shiver of longing that shot through her. How she wished she could think as positively as Royce. Out of all the men she had dated, he was the first one she had allowed herself to think maybe, just maybe, he could be the one. "How can you be so sure this will work out? Yes, we're great in bed together, but I haven't exactly had much luck keeping boyfriends around in the past."

Royce brushed a light kiss across her lips. "That's because you were waiting for me to find you."

"Is that so?" Billie's voice came out breathy sounding as she became aroused once more. "I thought it was the other way around. I thought I was the one who found you."

"Either way, you knew the others weren't for you. There's no going back now, Billie." Holding her as if she weighed nothing, Royce stood up. With his cock still buried deep inside her, he walked in the direction of her bedroom.

* * * *

Royce lay on the bed next to Billie, watching her sleep. They had made love twice more before she had drifted off. He could have gone much longer, given the fact that a male werewolf could keep an erection for hours at a time even after climaxing, but he had thought it best to let her rest. He decided he had made a fine start in proving to his mate that only he could keep her so well satisfied. He definitely wanted her spoiled for other men.

Billie stirred beside him as her stomach growled loudly. Her eyes fluttered open when it did it again. "Hungry?"

She gave him a half smile. "Kind of." Her stomach growled for a third time. "Okay, I'm really hungry. I sort of forgot to eat today. I was a little distracted."

"Well we can't have that. How about we order some food and have it delivered here?"

"Sounds good to me. Do you like Chinese food? There's a great place not too far from here. I order from them all the time."

"Chinese is fine with me."

Royce watched Billie slip out of bed and walk naked out of the room. He could hear her moving around in the living room. When she returned, she held a takeout menu in one of her hands. Just watching her pad across the bedroom in all her naked glory caused blood to rush to his cock. He had forgotten how strong the mating urge would ride him after he claimed his mate. It had felt as if he had been in hell during the hours Billie had gone to work. The wanting, the longing to be with her, had filled his mind until he couldn't think of anything else but Billie. That she had gone through the same thing had shown him that they were truly mated. He had felt her soul reach out to his the first time they had made love. Being she wasn't a werewolf, and didn't know what that had meant, he hadn't known how their separation would affect Billie.

Plunking down on the bed beside him, Billie opened the menu. "All right. What would you like to have?"

"Whatever you want is fine with me."

"And if I were to say octopus and squid were my favorites, would you still be fine with that?"

From Billie's straight face, Royce couldn't be sure if she was joking or not. "You really like those things?"

Billie shook her head and then smacked him over the head with the menu. "No, they aren't my favorite food. I just said that to show you that saying whatever I wanted was fine with you may not necessarily be what you would like. So hurry up and pick something before I get so hungry I have to start eating you."

Royce smiled and flipped back the bed sheet. "Be my guest. As long as you start in the area of my hips, I'm game."

He watched as her eyes were drawn to his manhood. He all too clearly remembered what it had felt like to have her mouth on him, pleasuring him until he had felt as if he were ready to explode. In reaction, his blood began to surge, sending most of it to his groin. Much to his dismay, Billie gave his now fully erect cock one last look of longing before she pulled the sheet back over his hips.

"Food first. At the rate we're going I'll be lucky if I can walk tomorrow." She shoved the menu into his hands. "Now pick something already."

Turning his attention to the menu, Royce quickly picked out a couple items. As he watched Billie phone in their order, he was shocked by how much he had come to love her, and how badly he wanted her to love him. It scared him a little. It left him too exposed, able to be more easily hurt. If anything happened to Billie because he had taken her as his mate, Royce knew he would never be able to forgive himself. He wasn't yet ready to tell her exactly what he was, but he knew he would have to do it soon. The sooner he eased her into werewolf society the better. He had learned with his first mate that keeping Billie on the outskirts could be a fatal mistake. And it was one he didn't want to repeat.

* * * *

Outside in the parking lot of Billie's apartment, Gren sat in his car and watched as a male mortal walked into the building carrying a large bag of Chinese takeout. From where he sat, Gren easily saw him buzz up to one of the apartments. A few minutes later a woman came to the door, handed the delivery guy money and then took the bag of food. The woman was the one he had seen Royce with earlier.

He had started watching Royce the week before. After months of lying low, not wanting to draw unwanted attention upon himself, he had decided now was the time to act. To show the ones who held the most power that he was still a force to be reckoned with. And Royce was the key.

It had been the spell that he had spent years trying to find that had turned Roxie into a werewolf. She had been the first mortal it had actually worked on. That she had ended up being the werewolf from an ancient prophecy, he felt had had no bearing on its validity. He attributed it to the fact he had used Royce's blood and not his own. Royce was Roxie's grandfather, though many times removed. She was special, and as the sire of her bloodline, Royce's blood could have very well been what the spell had needed to work. To test his theory, he would need more of Royce's blood, which Gren knew the other man wouldn't agree to give him.

So he had decided he would follow the lone wolf and watch for an opportunity to arise where Royce would have no choice but to comply. He had to find Royce's weakness and use it against him. It had never occurred to Gren the very thing he sought would present itself so quickly, or so easily.

Having watched the passionate kiss that Royce and the woman had shared in the parking lot earlier, Gren knew the lone wolf had once again found himself a mate. He knew what had happened to Royce's first mate. Royce had left his mortal mate unprotected, and in his absence, the local villagers had burned her to death for practicing what they thought was witchcraft. Her death had Royce stepping down as leader of his pack and going lone wolf, taking his infant daughter with him into hiding.

Now, once again, Royce had a weakness Gren could exploit. He had seen enough for today. Starting his car, he pulled out of the parking lot. He would return in the morning and see where Royce's mate went during the day.