One Hot Australian Night (Chapter Three)

Xavier gazed at the vixen who had seated herself on the bed with one knee up, legs parted a few inches. She knew exactly what she did to him. He'd had to stop touching her in the living room before he embarrassed himself. Everything about Zalia – her face, her soft body, her silky skin and musky, sweet scent drove him wild. His cock strained against the zipper of his pants, the friction when he moved almost painful. He wanted to strip her and take her, but he wouldn't allow it. Not just yet. He wanted to show her how special she was before he got his release.

The copper-haired beauty grinned as she watched him take off his shoes, socks, and belt. Propping herself up on her hands, she pulled her bottom lip into her mouth. When he approached, she held up a finger and raised her left brow in a drop-dead, sexy gesture. "The shirt, too, please." With a wicked grin, she watched as he unbuttoned the dress shirt he wore and let it slip to the floor. At her nod of approval, he approached the bed and stood in front of her, pleased by the smile on her face. While not a gym junkie by any standard, he exercised regularly and took care of himself. Judging by her face and the gentle fingers that brushed his abs, she liked what she saw.

He bent his head and cupped her face, capturing her soft lips. He could kiss this woman for hours on end and never tire of it. She had the perfect, soft pout, and her technique could bring a man to his knees. Making quick work of removing her dress, he pushed the garment up, breaking the kiss only so he could pull it over her head.

His gaze traveled from her face, to the full, creamy breasts that strained against her red-lace bra. Her nipples peaked beneath the cups, begging to be sucked.

"Jesus you're stunning," he said, pressing gently on her stomach to move her back on the bed.

His heart twisted at the surprised expression she gave him, as though nobody had ever told her that before. Once she lay back on the bed, he kissed her, ravaging her mouth while he undid her bra. The first two clasps snapped open easily, but the third made for hard work.

With a small giggle, she pulled away and reached underneath her, undoing it the way only a woman could. "That better?"

"Much." He grinned.

His cock twitched and pulsed when he removed the red lacey bra to find two rosy-pink, taut peaks on mounds of creamy flesh. Of course her breasts were perfect, like the rest of her. Xavier sucked a nipple into his mouth, and was promptly rewarded with a moan as she threw her head back on the bed. Suckling, he pulled on the silken bud until it pressed against the roof of his mouth. The guttural groan she voiced filled him with pride.

He wanted nothing more than to pleasure her. After thoroughly exploring one breast, he moved on to the other, shifting his right hand down at the same time.

Slipping it inside her panties, he found the swollen nub he sought and circled it slowly. Her hips bucked against him and she let out a throaty groan. She was so damn responsive; he wondered why no man had claimed her as his own.

"Fuck, Xavier, don't stop."

Pushing two fingers inside her tight entrance, he withdrew them and swirled the moisture around her clit. It took all of his self-control to not remove his pants and pound her until he came.

Flicking her clit one more time, he felt her shiver beneath him and plunged two digits deep inside her cunt. She let out a long low cry and writhed and shuddered. Fucking her with his fingers, he pressed his palm against her clit. She clutched at his shoulders and pulled him up, seeking his mouth.

He quickly found her G-spot and moved his fingers in and out, twisting them, grinding against her clit until her breath came in short, sharp pants against his cheek. When her internal muscles started to clench around his fingers, he shifted back to watch her face. With eyes shut, she gave a keening wail as her entire body spasmed against his.

Seeing her come was the most stunning sight he'd ever witnessed. Her juices flowed over his fingers as her inner muscles continued to milk them. Her cheeks had a rosy hue, and her breasts moved up and down with the labored breaths that accompanied her release. Xavier removed his hand from inside her panties, purposely brushing her clit with his fingers as he did.

She tightened her thighs and groaned. "Fuck me." She opened her eyes, now glazed over with lust, and licked her pink lips, swollen from their kisses.

"I intend to," he growled as he nipped at her bottom lip.


As Zalia drifted back into her body, she felt like a boneless, sated pile of mush.

Holy hell. That had been the single most explosive orgasm she'd ever experienced. Every nerve ending in her body was alert and oversensitive to Xavier's touch. It had been a long time since she'd slept with a man, but this was something out of the ordinary. When he nibbled on her lip, she gathered the energy to kiss him and placed a hand on his chest. Taking the hint, he moved and lay on his back.

Straddling his hips, she sat up and raked her nails over his taut chest and abdomen. He was too gorgeous for words. His torso had tone without too much bulk – exactly the way she liked it. Shuffling her body down, she let all her inhibitions go and set a trail of kisses down his abdomen until she reached his pants.

Undoing the button and zipper, she pulled his pants and underwear off in one quick move. His erect cock slapped lightly against his stomach when released from its bindings and her mouth watered at the sight. Long, thick, and ready for her. She licked her lips and bent down, tracing the vein on the underside slowly with her tongue. Much to her delight, he shuddered.

Taking the spongy head, she sucked it between her lips. He hissed in a breath and tangled his fingers in her hair to guide her down. The act of intimacy was so erotic; wetness pooled in her panties and trickled down her parted thighs. Zalia enveloped as much of his length as she could in her mouth and swallowed. After three thrusts, he gripped her shoulders and pulled her up.

She peered at him through the curtain of her hair and gave a sultry pout. "I was enjoying myself."

With a glimmer of amusement in his eyes, he huffed out a breath. "Any more of that and our fun will be over."

She had no idea why, but that statement turned her on even more. A shiver traveled down her spine, accentuated when he held her hips in a tight grip. In a swift move, he flipped her over and sideways so she lay along the bed with her head nestled on a pile of pillows.

In a fit of giggles, she ran her hands over his broad shoulders and leaned up to kiss him quickly.

His fingers hooked under the waistband of her panties and he looked down at her. "Let's get these off, shall we?" In a swift movement, he pulled them off and threw them on the floor.

Holding himself up on his palms, he hovered over her, his gaze tracing up and down her naked body. "I'm glad I let my brother convince me to do this."

"So am I."

He grinned, his eyes crinkling at the corners as he lowered his body onto hers.

He kissed her then, so thoroughly that every muscle in her body was on fire with desire. Her head spun and her clit throbbed. When he paused, she gave him a quizzical look.


"Hurry up," she responded quickly. "If I have to wait much longer I'm going to explode."

"We wouldn't want that now, would we?"

He sheathed himself in the latex and returned to claim her mouth fiercely.

Nestled between her spread thighs, his cock pressed up against her entrance.

Slowly he pushed inside her tight pussy, so only his head was in her entrance.

Spreading her legs farther apart, she groaned at the welcome intrusion and wrapped her legs around his waist, thrusting her hips upward to pull the rest of his hard cock in.

Once buried to the hilt, he moaned and rested his head against her neck. She looped her arms around his neck and enjoyed the blissful moment they shared, reveling in the feeling of his warm weight on top of her. This was what she'd missed about sex – the intimate moments partners shared. She didn't have sex with just anyone; she had to feel something for the man she slept with. And she definitely felt something for him.

He moved, long, slow, drawn out movements before he pulled out almost entirely and thrust in hard. So hard she almost came with the first thrust. A shudder tore throughout her body and she closed her eyes, biting back a cry of ecstasy. He appeared to enjoy her reaction, because he repeated it over and over, pulling himself out slowly then thrusting in with a solid, fast motion, watching her face the entire time.

Losing herself in the perfect rhythm, she focused only on him. Their lips met, tongues moving together in a lust-filled dance. When their bodies were covered in a thin sheen of sweat and her thighs began to tremble, he moved a hand between them and pinched her clit.

Oh, fuck. That did it.

Every muscle in her body clenched and tremored, from her head to the tips of her toes. Her inner muscles tightened around his cock and her world shattered.

They shared moans and cries of completion as they came together in such unbridled passion it brought tears to her eyes.

Xavier's body weighed heavy on hers. When he tried to move, she clung to him, keeping him in position as she rode out the final waves of her seemingly never-ending orgasm. Sated, she lowered her legs and his semi-erect cock slipped out of her, causing her to whimper at the loss.

He lay on his side, propped his head on a pillow, and held her close, regarding her with a satisfied expression. He ran his fingertips along her arm, triggering goose bumps over the bare flesh.

"That was amazing," he said, his tone sleepy.

Stifling a yawn, she smiled at him. "You can say that again." Cupping her face, he grinned and placed a kiss to her lips. "That was amazing."

With a quiet giggle, she reached underneath her and pulled the blankets out.

Xavier slipped his arm beneath her and she tucked herself in, her naked body against his. He positioned a thigh between hers and set the hard muscle against her mound, smiling when she whined at the contact with her oversensitive clit.

"After we rest and recharge, I'm going to take you again. And again. And again."

Zalia let out a satisfied hum at the promise of more loving and snuggled into his chest. With an arm under her and one around her, he sighed and closed his eyes. Although she wanted to enjoy the feeling of being in a man's arms again, sleep soon claimed her.