Never Too Far (Chapter 42)


"I need to be inside you," Rush whispered in my ear as he kissed along my jawline and slid his hands up under my tank top.

"Good," I replied, reaching for his shirt and pulling it over his head. He chuckled and lifted his hands to make it easier then pulled my top off too.

"Damn, they've grown since I've been gone," he murmured, cupping each of my breasts in his hands. "Is there… like milk in them already?" he asked.

"No," I giggled.

"I'm trying real hard not to be a man about this but I can't help it. I'm real fucking excited about these," he admitted before looking up at me through his eyelashes as he pulled a nipple into his mouth.

"Oh," I moaned and grabbed his head to hold him there. Somehow, they'd grown even more sensitive. With each tug of his mouth my clit throbbed. It was like there was a direct line between the two.

"Get these panties off," Rush said with his mouth full as he tugged at my panties. I eased up and slid them down with his help. He only let go of one nipple to suck on the other.

"Fuck," he groaned, sliding a finger inside me. "It's wet. Always so wet and ready."

I reached for his buckle and started unfastening his jeans. I wanted him naked too.

"Not yet," he said, moving me off his lap to lay me back on the sofa. "I need a taste."

I watched as he pushed my legs apart and lowered his head to lick right through the center of my folds.

"Oh God! Rush!" I cried out,lifting my hips to get closer to his mouth. The barbell slid over my clit as he flicked it against my swollen bud over and over. Driving me crazy.

"I love it when you squirm," he said with a wicked grin. I loved it when he made me squirm.

His finger slid into my heat as he continued to torture my clit with his tongue piercing. This wild sexy man was mine. It was hard to comprehend at times but I was so glad I'd showed up at his door four months ago.

He stood up and pushed his jeans and boxer briefs down stepping out of them. I stared up at him. He was beautiful. I let my eyes roam over his body. Nothing could make him any more perfect. Except… "Rush?"


"Could you get your nipples pierced?" I asked, surprising myself at the request.

Rush laughed as he came back over me. "You want my nipples pierced, now do you?"

I nodded and slid my hands up his chest and ran my thumbs over his nipples. "I like your other piercings."

He kissed my neck and ran his hand down my leg until he hooked his arm under my knee and pulled my leg up. "Will you kiss it and make it better? 'Cause I'm thinking that's gonna hurt like a motherfucker."

"I promise to make it feel very good." I smiled up at him.

"Anything you want baby. Just don't ask me to pierce anything south of my waist.

I raised my eyebrows. I hadn't thought of that. Before I could say anything else Rush was pushing inside me and all other thoughts left me. He was filling me and stretching me and everything was perfect in the world again.

"Fuck! How did you get you tighter?" Rush panted over me as his arms trembled from holding back.

I threw my head back and lifted my hips. It was better. I hadn't thought this could get better. "It's more sensitive," I managed to say with a strangled cry.

"Does it hurt?" he asked, pulling back. I grabbed his ass and held him in me.

"NO! It's good. It's really good. Harder, Rush. Please. It feels incredible."

Rush groaned and plunged the rest of the way inside me. "I'm not gonna last long. It's too tight. I'm gonna come." He stopped moving and slowly eased back. I was so close. I didn't want him to slow down. The sensation each thrust sent through me was amazing. I needed more of it. I pushed him back with all the strength I had. He sat back watching me while I quickly climbed on him and sank down on him hard and fast.

"Holy SHIT!" he yelled grabbing fistfuls of my hair.

I pumped up and down on him as my body climbed closer to that ecstasy it was promising me was close.

"Baby, I'm gonna come, ARRRRGGGGHHHH!" Rush called out then grabbed my face and kissed me with a fierceness that sent me over the edge with him. Crying out in his mouth I shook with release as he held me tightly, tasting me and sucking my tongue into his mouth.

I collapsed on him and he held me close to him. We sat there breathing hard in silence. My vagina kept contracting as if my body was experiencing aftershocks. Each time it did Rush groaned.

When I was sure I could talk again I tilted my head back and looked up at him. "What just happened?" I asked him.

He laughed and shook his head. "I don't know. You just fucked the hell out of me. I swear, that one is going down in the books baby. I didn't think it could get any better and you just proved me wrong. Holy hell you were wild."

I buried my face in his chest and laughed with him. I had been a little out of control.

"This better not be a pregnant thing or your hot little ass is gonna live knocked up for the next thirty years."