Never Too Far (Chapter 31)


As soon as the tournament was over, I went home to shower and clean up. I didn't even hang around to get the second place trophy. I left Grant and Meg to do the honors. I couldn't care less. I only participated in the tournament because I'd signed up with Nan and Grant early in the summer. We did it every year. It was for a good cause.

When I'd stopped by the offices where the drink carts were parked Darla said Blaire had left with Bethy about an hour ago. I called Bethy but got no answer. I figured by the time I got a shower and changed they would be back from wherever it was they went.

Bethy's car was in the parking lot when I pulled up to their condo. Blaire was home. Thank God. I'd missed her like crazy all day. I knocked three times and waited impatiently for it to open. Bethy gave me a tight smile. Not who I wanted to see.

"Hey," I said, stepping in.

"She's already asleep. It was a long day," Bethy said, still standing at the door holding it open like she wanted me to leave now.

"Is she okay?" I asked,looking down the hall to her closed bedroom door.

"Just tired. Let her sleep," Bethy replied.

I wasn't leaving. She could close the damn door. "I won't wake her up but I'm not leaving. So you can close the door," I told her before heading back to Blaire's room.

It was only six in the evening. She shouldn't be asleep so early unless she was sick. The idea of her overdoing it today made my heart race. I should have insisted she not work today. This wasn't safe for her or the baby.

I opened the door slowly and stepped inside. Then I closed and locked it behind me. Blaire was curled up in the center of her big bed. She looked lost up there. Her long blond hair fanned out over the pillows and one of her long bare legs was kicked out of the covers. I pulled my shirt off then threw it over on the dresser before unzipping my jeans and pulling them off. When I was down to my boxer briefs I pulled the covers back and climbed in behind her.Idrew her up against me; she came willingly. A soft sigh and some mumbled greeting was the most adorable sound I'd ever heard. Smiling, I buried my face in her hair and closed my eyes.

This was the only place I ever wanted to be. I slid my hand down and laid it flat over her stomach. The idea of what I was holding right now was humbling.

A soft trail down my arm and then across my chest brought a smile to my face as I opened my eyes. Blaire was turned around facing me now. Her eyes were open as she stared at my chest and ran her finger over each of my pecs then back up and across my shoulder. She lifted her eyes and a small smile played on her lips.

"Hey," I whispered.


It was dark outside now but I had no idea how late it was. "I missed you today."

Her smile slipped and she shifted her gaze away from me. That was an odd reaction. "I missed you too," she replied, not looking at me.

I reached up and took her chin so I could turn her gaze back toward me. "What's wrong?"

She forced a smile. "Nothing."

She was lying. Something was definitely wrong. "Blaire, tell me the truth. You look upset. Something is wrong."

She started to pull away from me but I held her close. "Tell me, please." I begged.

The tension in her body eased some when I said please. I needed to remember that she was weak where that word was concerned.

"I saw you today. You were having fun…" she trailed off.

Was that the problem? Oh… wait. She saw Meg. "This is about Meg. I'm sorry; I didn't know until she got there that Grant had asked her to replace Nan. My sister backed out at the last minute and Grant asked Meg to take her spot. I would have told you before if I'd known."

The tension in her body was back. Shit. I thought that explained it. Was she that upset over it?

"She was your first." Blaire's voice was so soft I almost missed it.

Someone had told her. Fuck. Who knew that other than Grant? It wasn't like I shared my sexual history with people. Who could have told her? I cupped her face in my hands. "And you're my last."

Her eyes softened. I was getting good at this sweet talking thing. I hadn't much cared about saying the right thing with females before. It was easy with Blaire. I was just being honest.

"I…" She stopped and wiggled in my arms. "I need to go to the restroom," she said. I was positive that wasn't what she was going to say at first but I let her get up.

She was wearing a yellow tank top and pair of pink panties that I knew girls referred to as boy shorts. Even though no guy I knew would wear something like that. Her hips looked fuller and the idea of bending her over the bed and holding those hips made me hard as a rock. I needed to focus. She was upset about something and she wasn't telling me what it was. I had to fix this. I didn't want her upset.

My phone rang and I reached over to get it off the nightstand. It was Nan. Not who I wanted to talk to at the moment. I pressed ignore. After turning off the ringer, I checked the time. It was only ten after nine.

Blaire stepped back out of the bathroom and grinned sheepishly. "I'm kinda hungry."

"Then let's go feed you," I said getting up and reaching for my jeans.

"I need to go to the grocery. I was going to go earlier but I was sleepy so I thought I'd take a nap first."

"I'll take you to dinner then we'll go grocery shopping in the morning. There are no grocery stores open this late around here."

Blaire look confused. "There aren't any restaurants in town open either."

"The club is open until eleven. You know that." I yanked my shirt down over my head then walked over to her. She was studying me like she didn't understand.

"What?" I asked grabbing her waist and pulling her almost naked body up against me.

"People will see you with me at the club. People other than your friends," she said slowly as if letting it sink in.

"And?" I asked.

She tilted her head back so she could look up at me. "And I work there. They know I work there."

I still didn't understand what she was saying. "I'm not following you."

Blaire let out an exasperated sigh. "Do you not care that other club members will see you eating dinner with an employee?"

I froze. What? "Blaire," I said slowly, making sure I'd heard her correctly. "Did you just ask me if I cared if someone saw me eating with you? Please tell me I misunderstood that."

She shrugged.

I dropped my hands from her waist and walked over to the door. She had to be kidding me. When had I ever led her to believe that I was ashamed of her?

I looked back at her. She had crossed her arms over her chest as she watched me.

"When have I ever made you think I didn't want to be seen with you? Because if I have then I swear to you I'll go fix it."

She shrugged again. "I don't know. We've just never really gone out on a date. I mean there was the honky-tonk that time but it wasn't really a date. Your social functions normally don't include me."

My chest constricted. She was right. I'd never taken her anywhere other than to buy furniture and a ride to Sumit and back. Fuck. I was an idiot. "You're right. I suck. I've never taken you anywhere special," I whispered then shook my head. I had never really had a relationship before. I fucked girls and then I sent them home.

"So all this time you thought I was ashamed of you?" I asked, knowing I didn't want to hear the answer. It was going to hurt like a motherfucker.

"Not ashamed exactly. I just… I just thought well, I don't fit into your world. I know that. Just because I'm pregnant with our baby doesn't mean you have to claim me in any way. You're just being supportive – "

"Blaire. Please. Stop now. I can't listen to any more." I closed the distance I'd put between us. "You're my world. I want everyone to know. I don't know how to date so I never even thought of taking you on a date. But I can promise you right now; I will be taking you on so many damn dates that there won't be a person in this town that doesn't know I worship the ground you walk on," I swore before reaching out and taking her hand. "Forgive me for being an idiot."

Blaire blinked back tears and nodded. I wondered how many more times I was going to screw up before I ever got this right.