Never Too Far (Chapter 29)


I was going to murder Grant in his sleep. Or maybe right here in public with witnesses. I slammed my clubs down and the caddie quickly grabbed them which was a good thing. I was getting ready to throw something.

"Meg? Really Grant? You asked Meg?" I growled, looking past Grant to see Meg checking in and pointing our way.

"We needed three. You pissed off Nan so we were short a person. Everyone else was taken. Meg wanted to play. What's the big deal?" Grant handed his bag to the caddie and shot me an annoyed look.

Blaire was the big deal. I hadn't told her that Meg would be on my team because I hadn't known. Now if she saw us she'd think I was trying to keep it from her. I needed to find her.

"Can I get you three a water?" a redheaded cart girl whose name I couldn't remember asked. Figured Woods wouldn't let me have Blaire. That would have helped. I could have explained this to her and she'd been able to see it was completely innocent.

"Yes, please, Carmen," Grant replied. He was flashing her a grin and she was batting her eyelashes. He'd probably slept with this one. If not, he would be tonight. "Give one to grumpy pants too. He needs to hydrate himself," Grant joked.

"Ready to kick some ass?" Meg asked, walking up to us.

No, I was ready to find Blaire and explain this. I looked back over at the cart girl. "Where in the lineup is Blaire?" I asked her.

She made a pouty face. "I'm not good enough?"

"Yes, sugar, you're perfect. He just has the hots for Blaire. Nothing personal," Grant explained, winking at her. She beamed at him again.

"She got the first group. I think Mr. Kerrington is in that group. The young Mr. Kerrington. Mrs. Darla said something about Mr. Kerrington requesting Blaire," the girl replied with a satisfied smile.

Woods was a dick. I didn't doubt it.

"Good morning, Meg. Sorry but we have a bad mood Rush on our hands," Grant said in way of greeting to Meg who I'd forgotten had joined us.

"I can see that. I'm going to go out on a limb here and assume that Blaire is the girl he chased after leaving me all alone without an explanation the other day."

"If he chased after a girl then yes, it was Blaire," Grant replied.

I ignored both of them and started to walk toward the front of the line when I saw the first group tee off. Blaire's cart also pulled away at the same time. Shit.

"Would you calm down? Blaire isn't the one to get jealous. That's you," Grant grumbled then took a swig of his water.

"Okay, is it a problem that I'm playing with the two of you? Is that what this is about?" Meg asked, staring directly at me.

"I don't want Blaire upset," I replied and looked back out in the direction she'd driven.

"Oh. Well, this is just golf; not a date," Meg replied.

She was right. I was being ridiculous. We weren't in high school and I could play golf with a female. Blaire now knew that Meg was an old friend and we were with Grant. It wasn't like it was just the two of us. This would be okay.

"I'm on edge. Sorry. You're right. This isn't a big deal," I agreed and decided to relax and enjoy the day. At least Blaire was in the front. She'd be done and inside sooner. That was probably why Woods had requested her. So she wouldn't be out in the sun as long as the others.

By the time we'd made it to the sixth hole I had relaxed and was enjoying myself. Except for the occasional worry about Blaire being in the heat I was fine. I knew Woods was watching her and as annoying as that was it was also a relief.

"Come on Grant, so far Rush has the best out of three and I have the best out of two. This one is yours buddy. You can do it," Meg taunted him as he set up to put for par.

Grant shot her a warning glare. Putting wasn't Grant's strong point and it hadn't taken Meg long to figure that out. If he sunk this one it'd be a miracle.

"I think he needs a little help, Meg. Maybe you could go give him a lesson," I suggested.

The angry look on Grant's face made both of us crack up. Damn he was too easy. "You might wanna back up, Meg. He looks ready to blow. If his putter goes flying you don't want to be in the line of fire."

Meg backed up and stood by me. "Does he really throw clubs?" she asked with a hopeful smile.

"Don't get too excited. If he's pissed enough to throw clubs then he is pretty damn mad."

"I'm not scared. You have the bigger arms," Meg said throwing another grin toward Grant. She was goading him.

"He does not have bigger arms!" Grant barked, straighteningup from his putting stance with a defensive look on his face.

Meg reached over and squeezed my arm. "Um, yeah these are pretty damn impressive. Show me what you got," she teased Grant some more.

Grant jerked his shirt off and walked over to stand in front of Meg flexing his muscles. "Feel that, baby. He ain't got nothing on me. He's just a pretty boy."

Rolling my eyes I started to walk back to the golf cart. Grant reached out and grabbed my arm. "No you don't. This is a contest I'm gonna fucking win. Flex those puny arms. Let her see who is packing more heat."

I had no desire to win this contest. "You won. I'm good with it. He has bigger arms, Meg," I said, jerking my arms free of his grip.

"No, he doesn't. You weren't flexing when I felt yours and I'm positive yours were bigger," she replied with a wicked grin. I was positive this was a bad idea. I didn't think she was flirting but I wasn't sure.

"That's bullshit! Flex your arm, Rush. I'm proving this one. I got the better guns."

"Yes, you do. It's cool," I replied.

"Flex them now, I mean it," Grant demanded. He was really in a pissing contest here. One I was gladly willing to let him win. I was just ready to move on to the next hole.

"Fine," I agreed. "If this will make you go putt that ball so we can move on to the next hole I'll flex my arm."

Grant grinned and held his arm out again for her to feel. She was waiting on me. I flexed and let her feel. This was ridiculous.

"Sorry Grant, he wins this," Meg replied squeezing my arms just a little too long. I dropped my arm and headed back to the cart.

"Putt the ball, Grant," I called out.

"You didn't win this! She just picked you because she feels loyal to you since she was your first fuck," he replied.

I jerked my head around to see if anyone had heard him. Thankfully, it looked like no one had.