Never Too Far (Chapter 28)


Rush continued to pull me into my room until the door was closed behind us and he was sitting on my bed with me in his lap. I had been upset earlier but I was fine now. He had been in an awful situation and Nan had been upset. I was sure Woods was pleased there hadn't been a big scene with me involved.

"Rush, I promise you that everything is fine. I'm okay," I assured him, cupping his face in my hands. Dealing with Nan and her hatred was part of the deal. I got that and I was going to have to live with it if I wanted Rush in my life.

He shook his head. "Nothing about today was okay. I should have never agreed to have lunch with her there. I knew better. I should have never trusted her to be a normal person. I'm so sorry, baby. I swear to you that will never happen again."

I covered his mouth with mine and pushed him back on my bed. "I told you it's okay. Stop apologizing," I whispered against his lips.

Rush's hands slid up my shirt and found my bra that was now two sizes too small.Its strap was cutting into my skin after having to wear it all day. He unsnapped it then ran his hands over the skin that was marked from the pressure of the ill-fitting bra.

"You need a new bra," he said, brushing his fingers back and forth over my back making me shiver from pleasure.

"Mmmm if you promise to do that everynight I'll be fine," I assured him leaning down to kiss him again.

He pulled back. "Why didn't you tell me?" he asked with a pained voice.

Tell him what? I put my hands on either side of his head and lifted myself up to hover over him. "What is it I was supposed to tell you?" I asked, confused.

Rush slipped his hands around my sides until they were sliding under my breasts and I forgot that we were having a conversation. That felt so good. Moaning, I pushed my chest into his hands and was getting ready to beg.

"Your skin is cut from this fucking bra, Blaire. Why did you wear it? I'd have gotten you a new one. I'm getting you a new one before you go anywhere else."

He was still talking about my bra. "Rush, I need you to touch me now. Don't worry about my bra. Just please…" I bent my head down and took small nips at his shoulder and kissed my way down his chest.

"As good as that feels you can't distract me. I want to know why you didn't tell me your damn bra was hurting you. I don't want you hurting."

I lifted my head and studied him. He was frowning. This really bothered him. No one ever worried about me like this. I wasn't used to it. My heart swelled and I reached down and pulled my shirt and bra off. "Rush. I need a new bra. This one has gotten too small. Would you take me to get one? Please?" I teased as his hands came up and cupped my swollen breasts making me cream in my panties even more.

"Tits as fucking perfect as these need to be taken care of. I can't stand the thought of them being in pain," he smirked up at me, "unless of course I'm the one causing the pain." He pinched both of my nipples hard and I cried out.

"Thesetitties are mine, Blaire. I take care of what is mine," he whispered before pulling a nipple into his mouth.

I just nodded and rocked against him. His erection was pressing against my swollen clit and if I rubbed just a little bit longer I was going to come. I really needed to come.

"Easy girl. Let me get these shorts off you first," he said kissing down to my stomach where he lingered and kissed it sweetly. His eyes lifted to look at me as he slowly unfastened my shorts and began pulling them down my body. "Looks like someone needs some attention. She's all swollen and wet. Dripping wet. Fuck that's hot," he murmured as he pushed my legs apart and gazed hungrily between my legs.

He laid down between my legs until his mouth was so close to my clit I could feel his warm breath on it. "Tonight I'm staying here. I can't sleep at night knowing you might wake up like this and need me. The idea drives me crazy," his voice dropped to a husky sound that always excited me. I watched as he stuck out his tongue and the silver barbell flashed at me before he ran his tongue through the folds and then slipped it inside me.

I grabbed his head and began pleading with him for more as he brought me to not one but two orgasms before he lifted his head and smiled wickedly at me. "That's fucking addictive. No one should taste that sweet, Blaire. Not even you."

He stood up and jerked off his shirt and pants.He was back on top of me before I could admire the view for very long.

"I want you to ride me," he said, kissing me again while his erection slipped between my legs and teased me.

I pushed him back and he easily rolled over for me so I could climb on top. Watching him as he slowly took in my body was more of a turn on than the naughty words he always whispered in my ears to make me come.

I could love this man and be happy with him the rest of my life. I just hoped I got the chance.

The next few days went by like a fairy tale. I went to work. Rush showed up and distracted me with his gorgeous presence; we ended up somewhere we shouldn't be having wild sex before actually going back to my condo or his house and making love in a bed. The second time was always sweet. The first time was always intense and needy on both our parts. I was pretty sure Woods had overheard us the day we'd ended up in the rental closet tearing at each other's clothes.

I was still trying to decide if this was the pregnancy hormones or if I was always going to want Rush like this. One touch from him and I was desperate. Today however we would be on a break. I was working all day at the annual golf tournament. I'd had to fight both Woods and Rush to let me work today. Neither of them had thought it was safe. I, of course, won.

Our cart girl outfits were special ordered for today. We would be wearing all white like the golfers.Our shorts were replaced with skirts to match ourpolos. Except, of course, for Jimmy. He'd be in shorts. He was the only male on the drink carts today. Apparently, he'd also been special ordered.

"There are fifteen teams. Blaire you get the first threeteams. Then Bethy you have the next three. Carmen you get the next three. Natalie you get the next three and Jimmy you get the last three. They're all women who have requested you specifically. This will be an all day event. Keep the golfers happy and don't run low on drinks. Come back here to restock before you run out of something. Your carts have been pre-stocked with the drinks of choice for the golfers you will be trailing today. You each have a walkie-talkie in your cart to contact me in case of any emergency. Does anyone have any questions?" Darla stood on the porch of the course offices with her hands on her hips staring down at the five of us.

"Good. Now get to your places. Blaire will be busy right off the bat. The rest of you need to wait on and check on your teams while they're waiting to tee off. If they want a drink get them one. If they want food, get them a server. Got it?"

We all nodded. Darla waved us off and went back into the offices.

"I hate tournaments. I just hope I don't have to deal with Nathan Ford. He is so damn annoying," Bethy grumbled as we went to get our carts and make sure we had everything before heading to the first hole.

"Maybe you'll get Jace," I said, hoping to cheer her up.

Bethy frowned. "Nope. Not a chance. Aunt Darla did the line up. She won't have given me Jace."

Ah. Well, in that case I wouldn't have Rush either. Probably a good thing. I needed to focus on work. Not how good Rush looked in a pair of shorts and a polo.

I parked the cart at the first hole and went to meet my first group. It was familiar faces and they were an older group. They would be easy enough and they were excellent tippers. After getting them all a bottle of water I went to my next group. Surprisingly it was Jace, Thad and Woods. I hadn't expected to have them in my group. "Hello boys. Aren't I the lucky one?" I teased.

"I was sure we'd get Bethy. Dayum, my day is just now getting better," Thad replied.

"Shut up," Jace grumbled and elbowed him in the side.

"I'm not stupid enough to let Bethy have Jace. She'd ignore everyone else," Woods explained.

I gave all three of them a bottle of water. "I'm happy to serve the three of you. Even if I'm not Bethy," I said, smiling at Jace.

"If I can't have Bethy you are definitely my runner-up," Jace said with a crooked grin. I couldn't help but like the guy. He'd more than proved himself with his feelings for Bethy.

"Good. Now, y'all make me proud," I cheered as I headed to the next group. This was my first female group. I recognized them but I wasn't sure exactly who they were. I thought the tall elegant blondemight be the Mayor's wife.

After I got them their sparkling waters and slices of lime I headed back to the front. It was almost time to start. I glanced back and looked for Rush but didn't see him. I wasn't sure whose team he was on but I knew he was playing. I assumed Grant would be with him but I didn't see him either.