Never Too Far (Chapter 26)


Rush was on his back pulling me to him when I came to from an orgasm I was pretty sure had caused me to black out. I curled up in his arms and sighed in relief. He'd made all the achy, needy parts of me very happy. More than happy. I was sore all over and I loved it.

"I think you may have broken me," he chuckled against my temple and placed a kiss there.

"I hope not because when I have the energy to move I'd like to do that again," I replied as sweetly as I could.

"Why am I suddenly feeling used?" he asked.

I pinched at the skin that covered his abs. "I'm sorry you feel used but with a body like yours what do you expect?"

Rush laughed and rolled me onto my back before covering me with his body. His silver eyes sparkled as he stared down at me. "Is that so?"

I only nodded. I was afraid I'd say something else if I spoke. Like the fact thatI was in love with him.

"You're so beautiful," he whispered as he lowered his head to kiss my face as if it were something to be cherished.

I wasn't the beautiful one. He was but I didn't point that out. If he wanted to think I was then I'd let him. His hands ran down my body making it hum with pleasure. "Are you waking up every morning like this?" he asked with a gleam in his eyes.

I could lie but I'd done enough of that. "Yes. Sometimes in the middle of the night too."

Rush raised an eyebrow. "The middle of the night?"

I nodded.

He reached up and brushed hair out of my face. "How am I supposed to help you in the middle of the night if you're not with me?" His voice sounded truly concerned.

"You don't want me waking you up for sex every night," I told him.

"Baby, if you wake up horny I want to be ready and available." His voice dropped and he slipped a hand down to cup me between my legs. "This is mine and I take care of what's mine."

"Rush," I warned.


"I'm going to straddle you right here and screw your brains out if you don't stop saying things like that."

Rush grinned. "That isn't much of a threat, sweet Blaire."

I turned my head to grin and the clock on my bedside table caught my attention. Oh crap! I pushed at Rush. "I have to be at work in ten minutes," I yelled in way of explanation.

Rush moved off me and I jumped out of bed only to realize I was very naked and Rush was lying on the bed watching me panic with a smile.

"Please don't mind me. The view is great from here," he said with a sexy grin.

I shook my head and grabbed a clean pair of panties and a bra then ran to the bathroom.

"Looks like someone got lucky or is that happy smile from all those donuts I brought over?" Jimmy drawled when I walked into the kitchen one minute late.

My face felt like it was on fire. "I loved the donuts. Thank you and I'm sorry I forgot last night. It was a uh… crazy day," I replied,picking out an apron and afraid to make eye contact with him.

"Baby, if I'd just crawled out of bed with Rush Finlay I'd be grinning like mad too. In fact, I'm envious as hell. I know my donuts didn't put that satisfied gleam in your eyes."

I started giggling and grabbed a pen and pad. "He is pretty amazing."

"Oh, please give me details. I'll hang on every word," Jimmy begged walking out into the dining room beside me.

"Go flirt with women and stop fantasizing about my… my…" What was Rush? He wasn't my boyfriend. He was my baby daddy and that just sounded cheap.

"He's your man. Say it because it's true. The guy worships at your altar."

I didn't respond. I wasn't sure how to respond. There were tables already filling up and I had a job to do. Woods, Jace, and Thad, the blond with curly hair whose name I'd just recently found out, were sitting at one of my tables. I went to get the drink orders from Mister Lovelady and his companion today. He always had girls with him that looked like they could be his granddaughters but they never were. According to Jimmy, Mister Lovelady was richer than God. Still, he was old. That was just gross.

After I got their drink orders I headed for Woods' table. All three guys smiled at me as I approached and Thad winked. He was the pretty boy who liked to flirt and everyone knew it. So ignoring him was easy. "Good afternoon, boys. What can I get you three to drink?" I asked as I put their water glasses in front of them.

"You look chipper this morning. It's nice to see you smiling again," Thad said as he reached for his glass of water and took a sip.

The blush was back in my cheeks. I could feel it. I glanced over at Woods who was watching me with a knowing look. He was smart enough to figure it out. "I'll have coffee," was Woods' only reply. I was extremely thankful he wasn't in the mood to tease me.

"Bethy wouldn't let me touch the donuts Jimmy brought over this morning. I didn't realize donuts would put you in such a good mood." The smirk on Jace's face said he knew exactly what had happened. Was the entire club going to know about my sex life now? Was it that interesting?

"I happen to love donuts," I replied, studying my pad instead of looking at any of them.

"I just bet you do," Jace chuckled. "Bring me a Honey Brown, please."

"I feel like I'm missing something here and I hate being left out," Thad said leaning on the table and inspecting me closer.

"Back off and order your damn drink," Woods snapped at him.

Thad rolled his eyes and leaned back in his seat. "Everyone's so touchy. I'll have a bottle of spring water."

I wrote it down then glanced down at Woods. "Would you like me to bring fresh fruit to the table?"

He nodded. "Please."

Glad to be done with those three I headed back to the kitchen after being stopped by Mrs. Higgenbotham who wanted a Mimosa for her and her daughter who looked to be about eighteen.

Jimmy was loading up his tray when I walked back into the kitchen. He glanced back at me over his shoulder. "I know I'm being nosy but I gotta ask, who was the girl Rush ran off and left here yesterday?"

Meg. I didn't know anything else about her. Just Meg, an old friend. I had actually forgotten that Rush had left her here. "She's an old friend of his. I don't know much else."

"Woods knew her well too. He went and talked to her after the two of you ran off. I figured she wasn't new if they both knew her."

I reminded myself that she was a part of his past. I had no reason to feel jealous of her in any way. They were old friends. Just because she was one of them didn't mean I had to feel inferior.

I put Woods' fruit on my tray and grabbed the drinks everyone had ordered before going back into the dining room.

I focused on delivering drinks to my tables before doing a sweep of the room while I walked toward Woods' table. I saw Woods cut his eyes from me to a table to my left. It was in Jimmy's area. I glanced back to see if that was a hint for me to help someone when my eyes locked with Rush's. I stopped. He was here. A smile started to form on my lips when my eyes shifted to see Nan sitting beside him with an angry snarl on her face. I swung my attention back to Woods and decided to pretend they weren't here.

"Here's your fruit." I could hear the nervous tone in my voice and I prayed the guys didn't notice. "And here are your drinks. Y'all ready to order now?" I asked, forcing a smile.

All three of them stared up at me making this all the more uncomfortable. This was something I was going to have to learn to get over. Nan was his sister. She'd be in my life if Rush was. Learning to live with someone hating me was a part of life I'd need to learn to accept.

"It's his sister. You do this thing with him and you have to deal with her too," Jace told me as if I didn't already know this. I didn't like feeling as if every emotion I had was on display. I'd always been a private person. This was too much.

I ignored him pulling my pad out and looked pointedly at Woods. He cleared his throat and ordered. The others did too without anymore words of wisdom.