Moon Island (Chapter Fifty)

As a male cousin dashed forward, sprinting supernaturally fast, Kingsley met him. This fight was more even, and Kingsley, I saw, had his hands full.

"Go, Sam!" growled Kingsley, finally heaving the young man off him, just as another sprinted forward. "Go now!"

I went, sprinting quickly through a gap between the Thurmans. Two peeled off and gave chase, while the others converged on Kingsley. Allison, to my dismay, was now running swiftly behind me.


But they weren't quite as fast as me. I suspected this was because the entity's own great strength was spread among many, rather than focused on one.

When I looked back again, I saw that I was alone in the forest.

The storm, amazingly, had subsided somewhat, although thick drops still splattered against my face. The medallion was also still clutched tightly in my hand.

I thought of Allison as I ran. The entity had threatened to kill her. Could he kill her? I recalled the shadow that had risen up in Cal, the shadow that had strangled the life out of him.

Yeah, I thought. The entity could kill her.

I picked up my speed.

Trees swept by in a blur. Once, I tripped over an exposed root and tumbled, my momentum carrying me many dozens of yards over the moist forest floor. I scrambled to my feet, aware that my right arm was broken at the wrist. A helluva tumble.

The pain was intense, but brief. I held my arm to my side and picked up my pace, and by the time I was at full speed again, I was certain my arm had healed completely.

So weird.

I flexed my hand as I ran, and the last of the pain subsided.

So very weird.

The dirt road soon opened into the Thurman's back yard. The manor beyond was brilliantly lit – and noticeably empty.

Patricia Thurman was in there somewhere…and anyone else not blood- related. Undoubtedly, she would be wondering what the hell was going on.

And I thought my family was weird.

Far behind me, I heard the sound of running footsteps. Allison and another person were still behind me, following.

I paused briefly, then hung a right and headed for the massive stone edifice that stood adjacent to the property, and was surrounded by a thin band of trees.

The Thurman Mausoleum.