Losing Control (Epilogue)

Later in Los Angeles…

Dex Hunter pushed aside his cheeseburger and fries to check out an alert on his phone. When he opened the text, he nearly choked on his food. Receiving a message to say expect a wedding invitation wasn't anything out of the ordinary, and he could've understood if this was news from his younger brother. Wynn had been seeing someone steadily for a couple of years now.

But if a woman had convinced Cole, the eldest, to walk down the aisle, she must be a special lady, indeed. Dex looked forward to meeting –

He flicked to the top of the message for a name.

Taryn Quinn.

And it looked as if the youngest of the Hunter clan – five-year-old Tate – was about to pay that visit, which meant finally making good on that promise to do Disneyland. Tate was expected in L.A. a week from today.

Dex's face fell and he spluttered on a mouthful of coffee.

One week!

He brought up his calendar, starting this Sunday. A premiere he couldn't miss, a couple of charity events, meetings with financial directors… Oh, joy. He'd just need to rearrange some things, was all. And hire a babysitter for Tate, Dex thought as he lifted his cup again. Didn't matter what she looked like, as long as she was maternal and tuned in to his little brother's whirlwind personality. Hell, she could be old and toothless for all he cared. Hairy and bowlegged, made no difference to him.

A thump on his back sent Dex's espresso splashing over the tablecloth. The dropped cup clattered into its saucer as Dex shook out his scorched wet hand and a concerned voice came from behind.

"Oh, no. Oh, God, are you all right?"

A waitress with luxurious hair, the color of polished mahogany and set in pigtails, skirted around to stand before him. Wearing white flats and a uniform that offered little justice to her obvious curves, she dragged a cloth from her apron's pouch and dabbed at his hand and his sleeve.

"Please don't tell anyone," she whispered, darting a nervous glance around. Her eyes were green, bright and fringed with naturally thick lashes. "I've already dropped a plate of tacos today."

Dex didn't fall back on his obvious and, in his case, warranted, line too often. However, now he couldn't help but ask.

"Have you ever considered a career in movies?"

She kept dabbing. "I couldn't act my way out of a paper bag. I didn't come to L.A. for that. Although I have put my name down at a couple of agencies."

Dex cocked a brow. So she was new to town? When she straightened, he took in her height, those cheekbones – that aura – and surmised. "Modeling."

"Nannying. I want to work with kids." She flashed a big white smile. "Children like me. I like them, too."

Smiling back, already making plans, Dex pulled out a business card. Someone was watching over him today. Clearly this union was meant to be.

* * * * *

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