Fated (Chapter 6)

I'd been hiding out in Anna's house for two days and I'd spent most of the time pretending that I felt better than I actually did. I'd given up any real hope that Stefan was going to come back. It had been three days since I last saw him, making me question his existence and my own sanity.

It was close to midnight and I was tossing and turning in the spare bedroom at her house. Anna was exactly what I'd needed. She only talked if I started the conversation, didn't ask a lot of questions and generally let me keep to myself. She also kept me supplied with a steady supply of wine. Adjusting the covers, I wondered if I could just stay here forever. I wouldn't have to go home and deal with the reality of Stefan not being there.

I'd finally almost dropped off to sleep when I heard voices outside of the house. The sounds were muffled, although I could tell by the tone that whoever was outside was angry. Pulling the pillow over my head to drown out the sound, I rolled over sleepily and imagined Anna in a heated conversation with a spurned surfer in board shorts. I lowered my shields and tried to see Anna's future, confused when I could see nothing.

Right now Anna had no future.

Forgetting about sleep and growing concerned for her, I strained to make out their conversation. The voices steadily increased in volume and I could tell that they were now in the house. Anna's voice was getting louder and was laced with panic as the voices approached my room.

The door burst open and a wild-looking Stefan loomed in the doorway with both hands braced on each side of the frame. His eyes anxiously darted around the room until they focused on me, his handsome face lined with anguish.

I jolted upright and my eyes frantically shifted from Stefan to Anna. She was nervously wringing her hands, giving me an apologetic smile as she left the room and disappeared down the hallway. The room was silent with the exception of my pounding heart and the sound of Stefan's ragged breath.

Gasping weakly, I pulled the covers closer to my chest. I looked back to Stefan, taking in his tousled golden hair and weary face. I couldn't stop the feeling of gratification that rushed through me to see the obvious torment he was feeling. His shoulders were tight and his clothes were wrinkled and disheveled.

I focused my attention on the covers. I didn't want to look at him. Every fiber of my being ached for him and I didn't trust myself to not give in to him. It would have been so simple to reach out to him and sink into the comfort of his embrace again. But I couldn't do that. He'd left me and I couldn't let my heart get broken again. I sat staring at my hands as they fiddled with the blanket, willing myself to hold it together until I could get him to leave.

"Josephine?" Stefan whispered brokenly into the darkness. He crossed the room, dropping to his knees at the side of the bed as if in prayer. "Josephine."

His large hands stretched across the bed, reaching for me. I hastily yanked my hands to my chest, as if his touch would burn me.

"You left me. You fucking left me," I seethed, feeling my face twist into a grimace. "I told you everything and you left me! No note, no calls. Nothing! You.left.me."

"Josephine-" Stefan was crestfallen, running a hand through his messy blond hair. He reached his hand out to me again. It was tempting to touch him, instead I twisted my hands deeper in the sheets.

"Fucking leave, Stefan. I don't want to see you again," I muttered, slowly inching further away from him on the bed.

"You do not understand. I left-"

"Oh, I understand completely, Stefan. You left me and now you're back like everything is going to be like it was before," I snorted, shaking my head in disbelief. "Leave before I have Anna call the police."

I turned over in the bed with my back to him. I couldn't handle looking at him anymore. It was killing me inside for him to be so close and not touch him. The lilting sound of his voice had made my stomach flutter and was cracking my firm resolve.

I couldn't give in. It became my mantra.

"I love you. Josephine, please…" Stefan tried again, his voice cracking into a tortured sob.

"Save it for someone that cares," I spat at him over my shoulder. "Just fucking leave."

The tension in the room grew heavier as I heard Stefan stand and cross the room and hesitate briefly in the doorway. I was tempted to look over my shoulder when I heard the door to my room close softly. I held my breath as I heard his car start and pull away from Anna's house, the tires squealing in his rush to leave.

The house was silent again and I let myself fall apart, sobbing into my pillow. I wanted to run after him and tell him not to leave, that I loved him and that I wanted him to stay. I knew it was too late to beg, although my pathetic mind and heart didn't care.

They wanted him too.


Waving, I watched as Anna's car disappeared down the driveway.

I'd stayed at her house for another day in seclusion when I finally realized I couldn't hide away in her house forever, even as tempting as the thought sounded.

I had to resume something that resembled a life and deal with the fallout with Stefan. He'd come back and I'd told him to stay out of my life. I couldn't risk letting him back in to hurt me again.

Standing alone in my driveway, my eyes glazed over as I remembered my conversation with Anna the morning after Stefan had barged into her house.

"Look Josie, I don't know what you're doing but I do know that man loves you," Anna said, her eyes sharp and probing. She tapped her fingernails against the wooden table. "I don't get in your personal life often and you know it. You're making a big mistake. Huge."

I grimaced at her words. "I'm not going to be with someone that disappears for days with no explanation and then just walks back in, thinking I'm going to just be okay with that, Anna. Would you be okay with that?"

Her mouth twisted into a cynical smile. "No, but let's not turn this into what I'd do and wouldn't do. Your situation is different. He told me he had no choice. You should at least let him explain."

"Are you new here? I don't want to hear it," I argued. "He chose to leave with no explanations. No phone calls, no note. Nothing, Anna. Maybe he had a fling with someone else and then felt guilty. I don't fucking know and I really don't want to find out. I'm not going through this over and over. A relationship with him isn't worth going through this. I don't do drama."

Anna sipped her coffee silently. She nodded and reached over to pat my hand.

"I know you're hurting. Stefan is hurting too. You know and I know you can't avoid this forever. You love each other." Her smile was gentle. "Don't let go of someone you love because you've decided to be a stubborn bitch."

"I think we're done here, Anna. Don't you have to go to work?"

I drew in a deep breath as I snapped back to reality. Maybe it was time for me to move on from Bali and make a fresh start. How could I even think about starting over when I'm still in love with an immortal vampire?

Squaring my shoulders, I walked slowly up the steps to unlock the door to my house. I opened the door hesitantly, walking in and closing the door quietly behind me. I pressed my back against the smooth wood and felt tears sting my eyes. This was going to be the hardest part. I was going to see the ghost of Stefan in every corner and see a memory of him in every room. I bit my lip, wondering how I was going to find the strength to do this.

Dropping my bags by the couch, I forced myself to do menial tasks to keep my mind occupied. I ran the vacuum, dusted and scrubbed the counter tops. I went to the dryer to grab the clean sheets, making quick work of smoothing them over my bed.

I was pulling up the comforter when I noticed a sliver of something white under the table by the bed. It was the corner of a piece of paper and was barely visible unless you really concentrated on looking at it. I bent over to pick it up and my hands shook when I saw the familiar, elegant handwriting on the paper.


I know I should wake you, however you are sleeping so beautifully that I cannot bear to disturb you. I must fly to New York to deal with emergency Council business. I will be back as soon as possible. I promise to explain everything in detail when I return.

Eternally yours,


The note slipped from my fingertips and my eyes blankly watched the paper flutter to the floor. For a moment, I was frozen in place and my mind went completely numb. I shook myself and wildly ran the length of the hallway, fumbling with my purse to find my phone. I somehow managed to dial his number with shaking fingers.

"You have reached Stefan Lifsten. Leave a message after the tone."

"Stefan. It's Josie. Please call me. I'm sorry. Please…call…" I choked into the phone. "I..I just found your note. I..I didn't know. I'm so stupid. So very fucking stupid."

Pressing 'end', I tossed my phone on the couch. I was angry at myself for not even giving him the chance to explain and assuming the worst.

All I could do now was wait and hope that Stefan was forgiving of idiotic women.


I was sitting cross legged on the bed with my laptop propped on a pillow, attempting to work on my latest book without much success. I was typing when I heard the sound of car tires turn onto the gravel of my driveway and watched as headlights flashed across my bedroom wall. Swallowing nervously, I placed my laptop on the floor with shaking hands and listened to the sound of a car engine turning off.

I hurried down the hallway and opened the front door, swallowing back the sob that threatened to break free when I saw Stefan leaning against his car. His hands were shoved into the front pockets of his jeans and when he turned to face me, our eyes locked. The pain I saw in his eyes drew me to him and for once in my life, I didn't stop to think.

I forgot about my bare feet as I ran over the sharp gravel to him. I collapsed against him, fisting my hands in the back of his t-shirt and burrowing my head into his broad chest, finally letting go of the sob I'd been holding in. He pulled me roughly to him, our bodies reconnecting and molding together as if we'd never been apart.

"Josephine," he spoke in a broken whisper, the simple sound of his deep voice causing tears of relief to spill from my eyes.

"I'm sorry, Stefan. I didn't know. I didn't find your note. I…" I mumbled against his chest.

"Shh. No more talking right now. We would not want Georgia to come over, would we?" Stefan whispered mischievously in my ear.

I laughed weakly, remembering when I was the one telling him not to talk. It seemed like a lifetime ago to me.

"I'm sorry. I should have let you explain," I whispered, looking up into his blue eyes. "I love you. I don't want another minute to pass without telling you."

"As I love you, vackra. It is a misunderstanding. This is the part where I forgive you and we move on. I think I read that is what one does in a situation like this. It was good advice from a cheesy romance novel, yes?"

I pulled my head away from him to look into his eyes with disbelief. He was going to just forget all the horrible things I'd said to him and act as if nothing had happened? Why was it so easy for him to love and forgive me?

Being forgiving of stubborn, idiotic women must be one of his super powers.

He gazed into my eyes and a wry smile pulled at the corner of his lips. In one fluid movement, he leaned forward and covered my mouth with his own. His lips were hard and hungry against mine, causing a slow burn of desire to curl through me. I moaned softly into his mouth and wrapped my arms tightly around his neck.

He reluctantly pulled away, pressing his forehead against mine lightly. His voice was soft when he began to speak. "There is much we need to discuss, Josephine."

"When did you become the serious, level headed one, Romeo?"

My mental response seemed to amuse him. Deep laughter rumbled in his chest as he picked me up and carried me into the villa. He sat down on the couch and cradled me in his arms, my head resting against his shoulder. He lowered his blond head to lightly touch his cool lips against mine in a chaste kiss.

"It is not a super power, Josephine. I love you and I want no one else but you. For me, it is simple. There is nothing to forgive, it was a misunderstanding. I should have told you that I was being forced to go instead of leaving you a note. I could have called you to explain." He exhaled a slow breath, his eyes narrowing dangerously. "Fucking vampire bullshit."

"I could have listened that night at Anna's house. I was so angry and hurt, Stefan. The thing I feared the most happened the morning when I woke up alone and had no idea what happened to you. I thought you left me…" I said, my voice lowering in distress. The memories of our time apart flashed through my mind and the sense of abandonment I felt was still fresh and was painful to think about. His body tensed and flinched underneath me as he read my thoughts, the link between us resonating with pain.

"Let me explain to you what happened the morning I left. You were sleeping and I received a text message from a member of the Administrative Board. One of the Council members was acting carelessly and his behavior was threatening to expose our existence. That is what you would call a 'no-no' for us." His voice was bitter and his lips were set in a thin line. "As an Enforcer, I had to convince Derek it was in his best interest to not continue his actions. We finally reached an agreement."

"An Enforcer?" I questioned. What does an Enforcer's job entail? Does he pull their arms off if they don't agree with his way of thinking? I found myself getting aroused thinking of Stefan shirtless and ripping arms off of vampires, the muscles flexing in his arms with his effort.

"It does not usually get that severe. It requires persuasion and at times a nudge in the right direction. It helps to be able to see their true intentions." Stefan smirked and tapped the side of his temple wryly. "This is my life, Josephine. Until the night I found you, it was extremely dark. You must understand that at any time I might have to leave again. When the Administrative Board places you in a position you do not get to choose. It is considered to be an honor by most."

I nestled closer against him, pressing my lips against Stefan's neck in a gentle kiss. I ran my nose over his skin and inhaled the musky scent of him. "I take it you don't feel that way."

"No. I do not." He turned his head to gaze at me, a smile breaking over his face that didn't reach his eyes. "I briefly considered not coming back to you while I was away. I am selfish and could not stay away from you. You are my fated, Josephine. Your soul pulled me back to you like a moth to a flame."

I felt my eyes go wide as I sat up to straddle his lap, anger building inside of me as I placed my hands on each side of his face. "Hold on for a second. You considered not coming back?"

Stefan sighed and his shoulders sagged. His eyes looked ancient and tired, the usual sparkle gone. "I love you more than I can possibly explain to you. If I could spare you any pain, I would gladly do it to see you happy. I considered the possibility that you might be happier without me in your life. Yet here I am."

"I'm happy with you. When you were gone, I felt like part of myself was missing." My eyes searched his, smoothing my thumbs over his cheekbones and down the side of his face. "No more doing what you think is best for me, Stefan. My feelings should at least be considered. If we're going to do this, we have to communicate. And that means me too."

Stefan nodded, his face clouded with uncertainty. My mind was suddenly flooded with a barrage of his thoughts. His mind was focused on the night when I angrily told him to leave, my voice bitter and spiteful. It was difficult to watch myself through his eyes, seeing my face contorted in anger. I shivered when I felt his pain and turmoil as he recalled the memories with crystal clarity. I grimaced at my own words that echoed in his mind, 'Save it for someone who cares. Just fucking leave.'

I started to move from his lap, stopped only by his iron-like grip on my waist. I was ashamed that he'd come back to explain and I'd pushed him away with my refusal to listen.

Anna was right when she told me I was a stubborn bitch.

"I know now that is not true, Josephine. Do not do this to yourself. Not when there are so many things I would rather do to you right now," Stefan murmured, his voice brushing over me like velvet.

The smooth tenor of his voice, deep and sensual, sent a surge of need throughout my body. His blue eyes caressed my face, giving me a sexy smile that sent my pulse racing. His fingertip traced lightly along my cheekbone. "I missed this, vackra. Jag har saknat att vara med dig, din j?vla."

"Your Swedish is sexy, Stefan. Translation please," I whispered, my panties flooding with wetness as he spoke to me in his native tongue. Between the Swedish and his sexy talk, I was amazed that I had managed to stay dressed.

He chuckled and his hand cupped the nape of my neck and brought our faces inches apart. His lips moved against mine as he spoke, his voice a lilting caress. "I simply said I missed being with you, fucking you. When I call you vackra, it means beautiful. And you are the most beautiful creature I have ever seen in my long life."

I let an out a hoarse cry when his mouth covered mine fiercely, his tongue exploring the recesses of my mouth. We shared long frenzied kisses, our tongues teasing and our teeth nibbling. His grip was tight as his hands held me against him

"I thought I had lost you, Josephine. Seeing you that night…" His mind trailed off as he raised his mouth from mine, looking deeply into my eyes.

"But you didn't, Stefan. I'm here, you're here. Now shut up and kiss me."

His lips moved to explore my neck, his tongue tracing down my throat to plant a tantalizing kiss against the crook of my neck. I shivered and reluctantly pulled away from him, scooting back farther back on his legs, making short work of unbuttoning his jeans and pulling the zipper down. I tugged on the denim impatiently.

"These have to go, Romeo."

His eyes darkened dangerously as he wordlessly lifted his hips for me. I stood and pulled them down over his long, finely muscled legs and feet, letting them slip from my fingers. Pushing his thighs apart and kneeling between his legs, I watched as Stefan made short work of removing his t-shirt, my eyes raking over his naked torso.

Licking my lips, I lowered my mouth to lazily circle down his stomach and my hands gently grasped his cock. I paused for a moment to slowly rub my thumb over the liquid that had escaped from the head. I ran my hand over his shaft as my eyes lifted to meet his piercing gaze.

"I'm not stopping this time. I want to feel you inside of my mouth, Stefan. I want to taste you."

"Fuck, Josephine. Jag vill k?nna din mun p? min kuk." He let out a groan, his breathing ragged. "Put your dirty little mouth on my cock."

I slowly slid my mouth over him, feeling his cock jerk slightly from the sensation. I hollowed my cheeks, feeling him hit the back of my throat. I pulled my head back, using my teeth to lightly scrape along the top of his hard shaft. He let out a tortured moan as I twirled my hot tongue over the head, tasting the salty sweet flavor of him on my tongue. I lightly sucked the head into my mouth, moving downward to encase his length in my mouth.

"I want to come in your hot mouth, vackra. Knulla!"

Spurred by his response, I began moving my lips over his cock in a slow steady rhythm, his hips bucking up to go deeper inside of my mouth. My fingers lightly stroked his balls, gently squeezing them gently in my hand. One of his hands threaded in my hair, moving my head faster over his length. He mumbled under his breath and I hummed against him. A growl rumbled in his chest and his long cock hardened more as I sucked him. Tightening my lips around him, I hummed again. He twitched repeatedly inside of my mouth, spilling down my throat.

My eyes flashed to his face as I watched him climax. The muscles were standing out in his neck and his mouth was slightly open with his fangs extended. I swallowed all he had to offer greedily, letting my tongue lazily swirl against him as he slumped against the couch.

Stefan's eyes were heavy with emotion as his large hands reached for me, lifting me from my knees. Straddling his hips, I leaned forward to press kisses against his neck. I shifted back to trace his lips with my finger, his mouth opening slightly in response to my touch. I ran a fingertip over each extended fang, feeling him harden underneath me again. His hands tracing absently down my spine, sending shivers of desire throughout my body.

I couldn't deny the truth any longer. Our days apart proved that I'd only existed prior to meeting him. His very presence made me feel vital and alive.

"I missed you, Stefan. All of you," I whispered softly. Just saying those words made me feel vulnerable and exposed.

"As I missed you. Enough talking." He fisted both hands in my tank top, gathering it up and tearing right down the middle, shoving the fabric over my shoulders. His fingertips roamed intimately over the fullness of my breasts, the coolness of his skin causing my nipples to pebble. It was if he was seeing my body for the first time, his blue eyes were glinting with wonder as they traveled over the expanse of my skin.

"Du ?r knulla magnifik, Josephine."

Wetness pooled between my legs, soaking my panties and the moist heat flooded against his cock. His eyes drifted to my hips, straddled over him. His hands repeated the process with my shorts and panties, shoving the torn material away.

My entire body felt like it was on fire, surging with a delicious aching need for him.

"Stefan, fuck me. Please." My mental voice pleaded with him.

"Ah, vackra. I told you that you never have to beg for me to fuck you. It would be my pleasure." His mental voice was smooth as his hand slipped between us, his fingers sliding over my slick folds. "Still so wet for me."

My back arched and my head tilted back when his fingers rubbed through my wetness, a wanton moan escaping from my lips as he brushed against my swollen clit.

"So you do want me to fuck you." His mental voice was hard and demanding as he lifted me up by my hips and impaled me on his cock, letting out a guttural moan as I enveloped him completely until our hips fused together. "I want you to fuck me instead."

Gripping his broad shoulders for support, I tilted my hips and plunged onto his thick cock again and again, my inner walls tightening around him. I ground against him and his hands possessively cupped my ass, moving me over his length. My mouth crashed against his and our tongues met to twist together desperately.

"It's never enough, Stefan. I can't get enough of you." My mental voice sounded desperate as I continued to move against him.

One of his hands moved up my back to lace in my hair, pulling my face back so our lips almost touched. His other hand gripped my ass harder, opening me wider as I thrust against him.

"Never," Stefan agreed, his lips soft as they brushed against mine. "Aldrig nog av dig."

He bucked his hips against me, sliding even deeper inside. My inner walls clenched around his cock, my orgasm overtaking me, devastating and complete. His mouth lowered to capture my nipple in his lips, his fangs piercing the tender skin. I felt him suck gently, his hips lifting to buck faster inside of me as he drank from my breast. He shuddered against me and pulsed deeply inside of me, his hips finally slowing from their rapid pace.

I felt his fangs retract from my breast and his voice was soft and filled with honesty as he spoke. "You are my everything. Without you, I am nothing."

"Stefan…" Our mouths met again languidly, our kiss gentle and soft. I sighed happily and settled against his chest, his nearness almost overwhelming me. There was a tangible bond between us, overwhelming and almost electric.

"Du ?r min, som jag ?r din. You are mine, as I am yours." Stefan's voice was silken, his words wrapping around me like a blanket. "I love you."

"I love you too," I mumbled against his chest, pressing my lips in a kiss over his silent heart.

"Please don't leave me like that again. My heart can't take it."

"I cannot be without you, Josephine. You are my reason to exist." His voice was a gentle whisper in my mind.

The old me would have run as far away from him as quickly as my legs could carry me. The new me reveled in his words, purring like a contented cat.

We reluctantly separated. Stefan pulled on his jeans to go to his car, leaving me alone to pick up the remnants of ripped clothing. My ruined clothes went in the garbage without second thought. I grabbed Stefan's discarded t-shirt from the couch, pulling it over my head. It swam on my body, the hem brushing the top of my knees.

"It looks much better on you than me," Stefan said as his eyes roamed over my figure. "Of course, I would prefer if chose to wear nothing at all."

"I'm sure you would." I rolled my eyes. "Are you forgetting that I have a nosy neighbor that has a key to my house? A neighbor that loves to barge in without knocking?" I asked, my eyebrows raising slightly.

"Ah, your friend Georgia. It would be hard to forget her, Josephine. She has a way of getting under a ones skin. You should consider calling a locksmith," Stefan replied, shrugging indifferently.

"She means well. She just tends to get carried away," I assured him, worrying about the ongoing issues between Georgia and Stefan. I had a brief mental picture of them chatting over coffee and snorted. I lowered my shield to scan her future to gauge her reaction to Stefan's return, surprised to see it was black. Was I losing my ability? Why else would futures be much more difficult for me to read, or not see at all? It was something I'd have to think about.

Stefan lounged casually against the door frame with his duffel bag in his hand and watched my mental musing with a lopsided smile on his face. "She is your friend. I do not have to like or dislike her, Josephine. Let us stop talking and go to bed. You have on too many clothes."

Feigning seriousness, I grabbed Stefan by one of his belt loops, pulling him against me. "Come on, let's go to bed. No more funny business tonight. I'm tired and it's getting late."

"I can assure you that none of my plans for you involve humor," he retorted with a trace of laughter in his voice.

"I'm worried about your memory problems. First you forget about my inquisitive friend and now you're forgetting about my delicate human body?" I huffed. "You are old. Is this something I should be concerned about?"

I turned on my heel to walk slowly down the hallway, swaying my hips seductively. I turned my head to glance back at him, giving him a sultry look and blowing him a kiss.

Stefan let out a deep laugh and blurred quickly to swat me on the ass. I jumped and turned to face him with wide eyes, smacking his chest lightly with my hand.

"It's a good thing I have a soft spot for vampires that are tall, blond and old." I moved to stand on my tiptoes to playfully kiss the cleft in his chin. "You're a cradle robber, Romeo."

"Ah Josephine, you are in rare form. Obviously I have not fucked you enough tonight."

How could one statement from him make me rethink my bed time plans? I had envisioned snuggling into bed with him and wrapping up in the covers together. Now my thoughts included ripping off his jeans and fucking him in the hallway. Or on the floor…

He scooped me up with one arm, throwing me over his shoulder. He turned his head to lightly bite one of my ass cheeks, his laughter booming loudly as I squealed and struggled against him. He continued down the hallway to enter the bedroom and placed his duffel bag on the chair. He moved to the edge of the bed and dropped me in the middle with a small bounce.

I licked my lips nervously as I scooted backwards on the bed, watching as he slowly unzipped his jeans and let them fall around his feet. He slithered up the bed to loom over me, forcing my head back against the pillows. His hands grabbed the bottom of the t-shirt, ripping it up the middle to leave me naked again.

"I told you that you had on too many clothes, vackra." Stefan's mental voice cautioned humorously in my head. He slowly sat back on his knees, his eyes sweeping over me as if he was memorizing every swell and curve on my body.

"I told you no funny business, Stefan." My mental voice was wavering as I watched his lips turn up into a wicked and sexy smile.

Stefan let out a deep chuckle at my halfhearted mental warning, his finger tracing intimately across my hips to ghost down my top of my thigh. His touch alone caused every nerve ending in my body to come to life, filling with desire for him.

"You tell me one thing and your body tells me another. What if I told you I wasn't finished with you yet?"

My gaze dropped from his face and headed straight to his hard cock. I watched with unbridled fascination as his long fingers wrapped around his thick shaft. His biceps and forearms flexed with the exertion, causing my breath to catch in my throat. He continued to stroke himself until I couldn't hold back my tormented moan.

His movements ceased and he planted a hand next to my head, hovering over me again.  His eyes were black fire as he moved his cool, firm body to partially cover me, his cock jerking against my hip as our skin touched.

Stefan's lips brushed against mine as he spoke. "Does this seem like funny business to you, Josephine?"

I shook my head and he began placing slow demanding kisses against my lips. I returned them, savoring every kiss. His mouth left mine, blazing a path down my neck and over my shoulders, his muscular thigh slipping between my legs. My wet sex pressed hard against him, grinding over and over until his thigh was coated with my juices, groaning at the friction it created.  He pulled his leg away, his eyebrow raising in amused contempt.

"Ah, we can't have you coming on my leg, Josephine. Do you want me to fuck you now and make your hot pussy come all over me?"

My head arched back into the pillow, my teeth clenching as I sent him my mental answer. "You're killing me with your dirty talk, Stefan. I need you inside of me…."

Stefan pressed my thighs apart, gripping his cock again and rubbing it slowly through my wet folds and over my swollen clit. "You are so wet, Josephine. I am going to enjoy making you scream my name."

His head flew back in ecstasy as he slid his thick cock into my slick heat, causing me to cry out in relief and bliss. I wrapped my legs around his hips as he thrust into my body with wild abandon. He was relentless. His cock rubbed against my inner walls and his hips crashed into mine. Our bodies moved in perfect harmony and I felt myself yield to the power and feel of his body driving into me, moaning aloud wantonly and begging shamelessly for more.

Stefan moved to hook his elbows in the crook of my knees, groaning in pleasure as his cock went deeper inside of me. My hands gripped his taut ass, urging him to go faster.

"I want you to come, vackra. I want you to bite me. I want to feel your teeth."

"Fuck, Stefan!" My scream filled the room as the combination of his mental commands and his deep, relentless thrusts pushed me over the edge. His head fell against my shoulder as my orgasm crashed over me relentlessly, my pussy tightly clenching around him. I lifted my mouth to bite into the crook of his neck and let his thick blood fill my mouth.

"Ja! Drick mitt blod, min vackra gudinna. Knulla!"

Stefan let out a deep growl and he surged against me a final time, emptying inside of me. His body still partially covered me, the back of his fingers caressing my cheeks.

"You have blood on your mouth," Stefan whispered and leaned to run his tongue over my lips. After he was satisfied the blood was gone, he gently kissed me, his tongue slipping into my mouth one more time like a gentle caress. Our mouths parted and the look of adoration and wonderment on his face was unmistakable.

With that one look, I never felt more beautiful or more loved. My throat was thick with emotion, a tear escaping from the corner of my eye. Stefan's thumb swept across my cheekbone tenderly, wiping it away.

"I love you, Stefan. I never want to go a day without telling you," I whispered shakily. My body felt boneless and sated, unable and unwilling to move.

His sea blue eyes were rimmed with tears as he pulled the sheet over our bodies, gathering me into his arms and gingerly pulled me against his chest. "As I love you."

I struggled to fight the sleep that was slowly pulling me under, basking in the cool embrace of his arms. Unable to talk, I was able to send a final mental thought to him. "I think I like your funny business."

His deep rumble of laughter in his chest was the last thing I remember before I succumbed to sleep.