Fallen Too Far (Chapter Eight)

The house was once again a wreck when I woke up the next morning. This time I left the mess and hurried to work. I didn't want to be late. I needed this job now more than anything else. My dad had yet to call to check on me and I was pretty sure Rush hadn't spoken with his mother or my father because he hadn't mentioned it. I didn't want to ask him because I didn't want his anger at my father to be directed at me.

There was already a good chance that Rush would be asking me to leave when I got back to his house today. He hadn't seemed real happy with me when he'd stormed out of my room last night. And I'd kissed him back and sucked on his lip. Oh God what had I been thinking? I hadn't been thinking. That was the problem. Rush had smelled too good and tasted too good. I hadn't been able to control myself. Now, there was a good chance I would find my bags on the porch when I got home. At least, I had money to stay in a motel.

Dressed in my shorts and polo I made my way up the office steps to the front door. I needed to clock in and get a key to the beverage cart.

Darla was already inside. I was beginning to think she lived here. She was here when I left and when I arrived every day. Her small whirlwind personality was scary though. You almost wanted to salute her when she barked orders at you. She was frowning up at a girl I hadn't seen before. She was pointing her finger and almost yelling.

"You can't consort with the members. That is the first rule. You signed the papers Bethann; you know the rules. Mister Woods came in here early this morning letting me know that his father wasn't happy with this turn of events. I only have three cart girls. If I can't trust you to stop sleeping with the members then I have to let you go. This is your last warning. Do you understand me?"

The girl nodded. "Yes, Aunt Darla. I'm sorry," she murmured. Her long dark hair was pulled back in a ponytail and her baby blue polo showcased a very large chest. Then there were her long tanned legs and round butt. And she was Darla's niece. Interesting.

Darla's angry gaze shifted to mine and she let out a relieved sigh. "Oh good, Blaire you're here. Maybe you can do something with this niece of mine. She's on probation because she can't seem to stop screwing the members while she's on the clock. We aren't a brothel. We are a country club. I'm going to have her ride with you for the next week and you are to watch her closely. She's going to learn from you. Mister Woods sings your praises. He is very pleased with the job you're doing and asked me to allow you to work in the dining room at least two days a week. I'm now looking for another cart girl, so I can't afford to fire Bethann." She said her niece's name with a growl and glared back at her.

The girl hung her head in shame. I felt sorry for her. I was terrified of upsetting Darla. I couldn't imagine being yelled at like that.

"Yes, ma'am," I replied as she held out the cart keys for me. I took them and waited for Bethann to move toward me.

"Go on with her now, girl. Don't stand here and pout. I should call your daddy and tell him what you're doing but I don't have it in my to break my brother's heart. So go out there and get some morals." Darla pointed to the door and I didn't wait around any longer. I hurried out the door and down the steps. I'd go get the drink cart ready and wait on Bethann there.

"Hey, wait up," the girl called from behind me. I stopped and looked back at her as she ran to catch up. "Sorry, that was brutal in there. I wish you hadn't seen or heard it."

She was… nice. "That's okay," I replied.

"I go by Bethy by the way. Not Bethann. That's just what my dad calls me so my Aunt Darla does too. And you're the infamous Blaire Wynn I've heard so much about." The smile in her voice told me she wasn't being mean.

"I'm sorry if your aunt has shoved me down your throat." I cut my eyes over at her and her bright red plump lips curved into a smile.

"Oh, I wasn't talking about my aunt. I was talking about the guys. Woods especially likes you a lot. I hear that you caused a little stir last night at that bitch Nan's birthday party. Wish I could have seen that but the hired help doesn't get invites to those things."

I loaded the cart while Bethy stood there watching me. She was twirling a lock of her long brown hair around her finger and smiling at me. "So, you're my only in. Tell me all about it."

There wasn't much to tell. I shrugged and walked over to get into the driver's side once I had the cart loaded. "I went to the party because I'm sleeping under the stairs at Rush's until I have enough money to move out which should be real soon. It was a mistake. He didn't like me showing up. That's about it."

Bethy plopped down on the seat beside me and crossed her legs. "That is not at all what I heard. Jace said that Rush saw Woods touching you and went ape shit."

"Jace misunderstood. Trust me. Rush doesn't care who touches me."

Bethy sighed, "It sucks being the poor folks, doesn't it? The hotties never look at us seriously. We're just another fuck."

Was that really the way it was for her? Had she just given in and become the girl they tossed aside? She was too pretty for that. Guys back home would drool at her feet. They might not have millions in the bank but they were good guys from good families.

"Aren't there any attractive guys who aren't filthy rich around? The crowd that comes here can't be all there is to choose from. Surely you can find a guy who doesn't cast you aside the next morning."

Bethy frowned and shrugged. "I don't know. I've always wanted to bag a millionaire, ya know? Live the good life. But I'm beginning to see that isn't in the cards for me."

I made my way to the first hole. "Bethy, you're beautiful. You deserve more than what you're getting. Start shopping for a man somewhere else. Find one that doesn't want you for sex. Find one that wants you. Just you."

"Well hell, I may have just fallen in love with you too," she replied teasingly and laughed. She propped her feet up on the dash as I pulled up to the first golfers of the morning.

I didn't see a younger guy anywhere. They typically weren't early morning risers. For a little while I wouldn't have to worry about keeping Bethy from doing the nasty in the bushes or wherever it was she was doing it while working.

Four hours later, when we pulled up to the third hole for the third time I recognized Woods and company. Bethy sat up straight in her seat and the excited expression on her face put me on high alert. She was like a little puppy dog waiting for someone to throw her a bone. If I didn't like her so much I wouldn't even bother helping her keep this job. Being her babysitter wasn't in my job description.

Woods frowned when we pulled up beside them. "Why are you driving Bethy around?" he asked the moment we came to a complete stop.

"'Cause she's helping me keep from fucking your friends and pissing you off. Why'd you go and tell Aunt Darla?" she pouted, crossing her arms over her bountiful chest. I had no doubt every guy standing around us was zeroed in on those big knockers of hers.

"I didn't ask her to do that. I asked that she promote Blaire not stick her with you," he snapped and pulled his phone from his pocket. What was he doing?

"Who are you calling?" Bethy asked in a panicked tone sitting up straight.

"Darla," he snarled.

"No wait," Bethy and I said at the exact same time.

"Don't call her. I'm fine. I like Bethy. She's good company," I assured him.

He studied me a moment but didn't hang up the phone.

"Darla, it's Woods. I've changed my mind. I want Blaire inside four days a week. You can use her on the course on Fridays and Saturdays since it is so busy and she is the best you have but the rest of the time I want her inside." He didn't wait for a response before ending the call and dropping it back into the pocket of his starched plaid shorts. On anyone else those looked ridiculous but a guy like Woods could pull them off. The white polo shirt he was wearing was also immaculately pressed. I wouldn't be surprised if it was brand new.

"Aunt Darla is gonna be mad. She has Blaire babysitting me for the next couple weeks. Who will keep me in check now?" she asked casting her sultry gaze toward Jace.

"Please man, if you like me even a little, turn your head and let me take her back to the club house for just a few minutes. Please," Jace begged as he drank in the sight of Bethy sitting there with her legs up on the dash slightly open so that her crotch was in full view. The shorts we wore were too short and tight to leave a whole lot to the imagination in a position like that.

"I don't care what the hell you do. Fuck her if you want. But if dad gets wind of it again I'll have to fire her. He's pissed about the complaints."

I knew Jace wouldn't stand up for her if she was fired. He'd let her go and move on. There was no love in his gaze only lust.

"Bethy, don't," I pleaded quietly beside her. "On my night off, you and I will go out and we'll find some place where there are guys worth your time. Just don't lose your job over him," I was talking so quietly only Bethy could hear me. The others knew I was saying something to her but they didn't know what.

Bethy turned her gaze to me and pulled her knees together. "Really? You'd go out with me and look for guys? On my turf?"

I nodded and a smile broke across her face. "Deal. We're going honky-tonking. I hope you own some boots."

"I'm from Alabama. I own boots, tight jeans and a gun," I replied with a wink.

She cackled with laughter and put her feet down. "Okay boys what do you want to drink? We have another hole to get too," she said stepping out of the cart and walking to the back. I followed her and we handed out drinks and took money.

Jace tried to grab her butt a few times and whisper in her ear. She finally turned around and smiled at him. "I'm done being your fuck buddy. I'm going out with my girl here this weekend and we're going to find us some real men. The kind that don't have a trust fund but have calluses on their hands from good hard work. I've got a feeling they know how to make a girl feel real special."

I had to swallow the laugh that bubble up inside my chest at Jace's shocked expression. I turned on the cart as Bethy jumped back in beside me.

"Damn, that felt good. Where have you been all my life?" she asked clapping her hands as I drove off smiling and waving at Woods as we headed to the next hole.

We made it through the rest of the course then stopped to restock. No more issues. I knew we might see Woods and his friends again but I had faith in Bethy to stand firm. Bethy had chatted happily about everything from her hair color to the last pregnancy scare they'd had in town with a worker and a member.

I wasn't paying attention to the members at the first hole. I was driving and trying to concentrate on Bethy's endless chatter. Bethy's muttered "crap" caught my attention.

I glanced at her and then followed her gaze to the couple on the first hole. Rush was instantly recognizable. The tan shorts he wore and snug pale blue polo shirt looked so out of place on him. It didn't fit with the tattoos I knew covered his back. He was a rocker's son and that bled through on him even with preppy golfers clothing on his body. He turned his head and his eyes met mine. He didn't smile. He just looked away as if he didn't know me. No acknowledgement. Nothing.

"Bitch alert," Bethy whispered. I shifted my gaze from him to the girl with him. Nanette, or Nan as he referred to her. His sister.  The one he didn't like talking about. She was wearing a tiny white skirt that looked like she was ready to go play tennis. She had on a matching blue polo and a white sun visor sat atop her strawberry blond locks.

"You aren't a fan of Nannette?" I asked already knowing the answer from her comment.

Bethy let out a short laugh. "Uh, no. And neither are you. You're enemy number one for her."

What was that supposed to mean? I couldn't ask her because we had stopped just six feet from the tee and the brother and sister combo.

I didn't try to make eye contact with Rush again. He apparently didn't want to make small talk.

"You're kidding me. Woods hired her?" Nan hissed.

"Don't," Rush replied in a warning tone. I wasn't sure if he was protecting her or me or just trying to stop a scene. Either way it annoyed me.

"Can I get y'all a drink?" I asked with the same smile I bestowed on every other member when I asked this question.

"At least she knows her place," Nan said with an amused snide tone.

"I'll take a Corona. Lime, please," Rush said.

I chanced a glance his way and his eyes met mine only briefly before he turned to Nan. "Get a drink. It's hot," he told her.

She smirked at me and placed a well-manicured hand on her hip. "Sparkling water. Wipe it off though because I hate the way it comes out all wet from the water."

Bethy reached into the cooler and got out the water. I guess she was afraid I might hurl it at Nan's head. "Haven't seen you out here lately, Nan," Bethy said as she wiped off the bottle with the towel we were supplied for this reason.

"Probably because you're too busy in the bushes with God knows who spreading your legs instead of working," Nan replied.

I clenched my teeth and popped the top off Rush's Corona. I wanted to throw the drink in Nan's smug face.

"That's enough, Nan," Rush scolded her lightly. What was she his damn kid? He was acting like she was five. She was an adult for crying out loud.

I handed Rush the Corona careful not to look at Nan. I was afraid I might have a moment of weakness. Instead, my eyes met his as he took the bottle.

"Thanks," he said and slipped a bill into my pocket. I didn't have time to react before he was stepping away taking Nan by the elbow. "Come on and show me how you still can't kick my ass out here," he said in a teasing tone.

Nan nudged his arm with her shoulder. "You're going down." The sincere fondness in her voice as she spoke to him surprised me. I couldn't imagine someone as mean as she appeared, to be nice to anyone.

"Let's go," Bethy hissed, grabbing my arm. I realized I'd been standing there watching them.

I nodded and started to turn when Rush glanced back over his shoulder toward me. A small smile touched his lips and then he was looking at Nan again telling her which club to use. Our moment was over. If that even was a moment.

Once we were out of earshot I looked at Bethy. "Why did you say that about me being enemy number one?"

Bethy squirmed in her seat. "Honestly, I don't know exactly. But Nan is possessive of Rush. Everyone knows that…" she trailed off and she wouldn't make eye contact with me. She knew something but what did she know? What was I missing?