Cloak and Silence (Page 23)

Cloak and Silence (The League #6)(23)
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon

“Ture,” he said with a smile to clarify who he was talking to. “The emperor has offered to allow us to live in the palace with his guard. Will you move in with me?”

Ture smiled. “Of course, I will. Have you seen the idiotic chances you take? I never intend to leave you alone again. I can’t afford to.”

Maris laughed. “Good. Otherwise, I was afraid you were about to relegate me to crazy stalker status.”

Tightening his hand on Maris’s, Ture shook his head. Until another thought hit him. “Where’s Terek?”

“Jayne’s husband has him. He wasn’t hurt, and he was fed and sleeping when I checked in.”

Ture let out a relieved breath. “You know, you’re still listed as his legal father, and Ana had no other family. I have the custodial termination papers she had drawn up, but…”

Maris’s breath caught in his throat as he hoped Ture was asking what he thought he was. “You want to keep him?”

“I would love to. You?”

Maris nodded. “I’ve always wanted to be a mom to someone other than Darling and his wayward siblings.”

They all laughed at that.

Maris locked gazes with Ture. “You know, this officially makes us a family, right?”

Ture glanced over to Darling, then to Hauk. “I think we were a family long before this.”

“Just don’t make me the creepy uncle,” Hauk said. “Remember, we have Fain for that.”

Snorting, Maris swept his gaze over some of the handful of people who meant everything to him. No, they weren’t related by blood. But they were bound by something a lot stronger, and more powerful.

Mutual love and respect. And that was the only thing in the universe that was truly indestructible.

He’d spent the whole of his life trying to find someplace he belonged. Now he had it, and it was so much better than any of his dreams.

No, the people around him weren’t perfect. Neither was he. But they tried and they loved him.

Just as he loved them.

That was all that really mattered. It was the best anyone could hope for and right now, he knew one undeniable truth….

He really was the luckiest bitch in the universe.

And as long as he had Ture and their son with him, nothing else would ever matter more.