Beneath This Man (Chapter 16)

We stroll into Lusso hand in hand, and Clive clocks us immediately, giving me a disapproving look. I smile an apology and notice maintenance repairing my handiwork.

'Mr Ward.' Clive says cautiously. Is he waiting for a ticking off for letting me escape? I think I might be forced to defend him if Jesse tries to reprimand him. It's not in his job description to play prison guard.

'Clive.' Jesse nods and leads me to the elevator without another word to an obviously apprehensive Clive.

As the doors close, I'm thrust up against the wall, the full length of his body cocooning mine. The powerful throb I'm so familiar with these days drops straight into my groin and has my veins heating immediately. He slips his leg between my thighs and raises it, brushing over my core and, just like that, I'm panting.

'You've upset the concierge.' he breathes, his lips close to mine, our hot breaths mingling in the small space between our mouths.

'Damn.' I force the word out through my strangled breaths, and he crashes his lips to mine, taking them with conviction and purpose, while grinding his beating erection against me. Oh Lord, I want to rip his clothes off, but this most certainly isn't making love, not that I would even dream of complaining.

'Why aren't you wearing a dress?' he asks irritably, between plunging his tongue in and out urgently.

I'm asking myself the very same question. It would be around my waist by now and he would be inside me. 'I'm running out of dresses.' I've had nothing cleaned since I've been here and most of my clothes are still at Kate's.

He moans into my mouth. 'Tomorrow, we buy only dresses.' He thrusts his hips forward and upwards, colliding with and rubbing against my core.

I sigh in pure, uninhibited pleasure. 'Tomorrow we buy one dress.' I reach down between us and unfasten his belt. He breaks away from my lips and rolls his damp forehead over mine, his eyes shining with approval as his lips part. I rub the back of my palm over his trousers, feeling him twitch and jerk beneath my touch while I run a trail across his bottom lip with my tongue. Unzipping him, I reach in to free his raging hard on, then take a firm grip at the base, squeezing lightly.

He closes his eyes tight. 'Mouth.' he commands gently.

I'm totally on board. I can't get enough of him. I'm rampant with need for him to work his magic on me and eradicate all of the day's crap.

The elevator doors open onto the penthouse foyer and I'm never more relieved that it's the only lift that comes up to the top floor. I slide my back down the wall until I'm crouched in front of him, but his hot, throbbing cock is not the only thing that has my interest. His angry scar catches my attention immediately. I've made a pact with myself to not ask anymore, but I can't help my curiosity, especially after what John said. I look up at him, finding his arms rigid and braced against the wall above my head, his eyes on me.

'What are you waiting for?' he asks me, thrusting his hips forward impatiently. All thoughts of mystery scars are expelled as I remember the last time I took him like this – how brutal he was. Will he be like that again?

I drag my eyes away from his carnal stare and flex my grip on his throbbing cock. Reaching forward, I lap up the leaking bead of cum from his swollen crown and slowly draw my hand forward, hearing him moan low in his throat, his hips shaking slightly. I know he wants to charge forward into my mouth. Will he hold back?

His breathing quickens with each lazy stroke I draw, his lower abdomen rising and falling before my eyes. When I hear him curse, I wickedly lap at his balls before gliding my tongue slowly but firmly up the underside, rising on my legs slightly to ensure I reach the very tip.

'All the way, Ava.' he pants.

I'm aware of the door on the elevator closing again and then Jesse reaching over, slamming his fist against the button before returning his hand to the wall behind me.

Wrapping my lips around his head, I circle my tongue slowly, delicately. He shudders. I love doing this to him. I love instigating these sounds from his mouth, the reactions from his body.

I wait for his surge forward, but it doesn't come. He's struggling. I can feel his tenseness seeping into my body from our contact; I can see his hips shaking slightly in front of me. I put him out of his misery and take him deep into my mouth until he hits the back of my throat. He feels like velvet on my tongue. He lets out a suppressed bark as I pull back, lap slowly and take him again. This time, his hips surge forward and with my head against the wall, there is no retreating space. He moves his hands to cup the back of my head, padding me as he powers forward on a shout, throwing his head back and driving in and out of my mouth purposefully.

I remember to relax, my gag reflex working hard not to wretch. I let my hands drift around his hips to find his tight arse, and then bury my fingernails into his toned flesh.

'Harder!' His voice is severe and animalistic. I dig in harder. 'Oh, fuck.' He continues with his drives, and I know he's close. I prize one hand off a cheek and reach between his thighs to wrap my fist around his balls. It's his undoing.

'Holy shit!' he yelps, pulling out to wrap his own fist around the base. 'Keep hold and open your mouth.' His eyes drill into me.

I do what I'm told, keeping my tight grip of his heavy sack and opening my mouth, maintaining our eye contact. He pistons his fist back and forth, the muscles in his neck bulging, and on a stifled cry, he rests the broad head of his cock on my lower lip and releases into me, hot, creamy liquid hitting the back of my throat and coating the inside of my mouth. I swallow impulsively.

His strokes slow and I loosen my vice lock around his sack, dragging my hand, palm up, between his thighs until I meet his slow caresses. I curl my hand around his fist and we work him down together as I lap up the salty essence of him pouring into my mouth.

'I want one of those every day for the rest of my life.' His face is poker straight, his voice deadly serious, and I hope he means from me. 'From you.' he adds, as if reading my mind.

I smile and return my attention to his steel length that is still contracting through both of our hands. I circle and lick, ensuring I've got every last bit of him, and then drop a tender kiss on the very tip.

His fingers flex and I release him. 'Come here.' He reaches down and pulls me up against his chest. 'I love you and your filthy mouth.' he says quietly as he nuzzles my nose with his.

'I know you do.' I reach down to start tucking him back in and refastening his trousers.

He lets me finish securing him, and then grabs my hand, pulling me out of the elevator towards the penthouse door. 'That was a complete waste of time. They'll be off as soon as I get you inside.'

He lets us in and the smell of something lovely invades my nostrils. 'Oh, dinner!' I completely forgot about that. Thank God I turned the oven off, or we might have returned to fire engines and yet more damage bills.

He leads me into the kitchen and releases my hand to grab an oven glove. He pulls out an over cooked lasagna and dumps it on the side, shaking his head. 'I employ a housekeeper and a cook and you still manage to burn dinner.' He looks at me with an arched brow.

What with our screaming match and subsequent make up, I had forgotten about the poor woman who I was so inexcusably rude to. I will have to make amends with her. She probably thinks I'm a total bitch. 'Will she come back?' I ask guiltily.

He laughs. 'I hope so,' He pokes the crusty top layer of the lasagna. 'Cathy's lasagna is delicious.' He focuses his eyes back on me. 'It looks like I'll have to find something else to eat.'

He pushes the lasagna away from him and slowly stalks towards me, his hungry, green eyes full of promise and pleasure. He doesn't slow his pace as he nears me. He wraps his arm around my back and carries on walking with me held tight against his chest. I reach up and fan my fingers through his soft, messy mop and frown when he bypasses the stairs, heading for the terrace.

'Where are we going?' I ask as I watch the stairs pass.

'An alfresco fuck,' He pushes his lips to mine. 'It's a pleasant evening. Let's not waste it.'

He carries me onto the terrace and across the limestone slabs to the raised decking area, the sounds of London by night clear in the cool evening air. I'm placed on my feet before he starts unbuttoning my blouse, his big fingers struggling with the tiny gold buttons, his concentration frown tickling his forehead. I reach for his trousers and start undoing his belt and flies. Then, starting at the bottom of his shirt, I undo each button slowly until his delicious chest is warm under my palms. I circle his nipples with my thumbs as he reaches the final button of my blouse before moving to my trousers.

'Show off.' he mutters, his lips finding mine as he starts feeling for my trouser fastening. It's cruel, but I let him search. He feels around the front and then moves his hands to the back, and when he has no luck there either, he growls. 'Where's the zipper?' he moans against my lips.

I collect his hands from my back, guiding them to the side fastening of my trousers, and he makes swift work of getting it down and lifting me so I can kick my shoes off. He drags my trousers down. 'Yet another reason for dresses only.' he complains as he pushes my blouse off my shoulders. 'Anything that stops me from getting to you fast has to go.'

I smile to myself. Now he is trampling my wardrobe.

The cool air attacks my skin, puckering my already solid nipples further. He steps back from me and kicks his Genson's off, before removing his socks, trousers and the rest of his shirt while running his shimmering eyes up and down my body.

'Lace.' he says approvingly, and then he slowly drags his boxers down his thighs, his cock springing free and ready, yet again. I want to drop to my knees and take his deliciousness in my mouth all over again, but the urgent thump in my own groin is demanding attention. I reach around my back and unclasp my bra, letting it fall to the wooden floor and within a second, his body is pressed up against mine and he's breathing in my face.

I feel him slip a finger into the seam of my underwear and brush across my clitoris, prompting my head to drop to his chest and my hands to grab his arms, steadying myself as his touch sends electric shots to every nerve ending.

'Wet.' he says, all low and rough, extending the word as he rolls the tip of his finger around and around, applying a little pressure when he reaches the top. 'Just for me?'

It's a question that he wants an answer to. 'Just for you.' I pant.

The satisfying rumble that escapes his lips vibrates in the evening air. I will always be his.

My head lifts and his lips skim against mine, coaxing my mouth to part as my knickers are pushed down my thighs and his tongue slips between my lips on a shallow moan. The taste of him is addictive, and I return every lap, lick and stroke with my own, until he pulls away. He kneels before me, my hands resting on his strong shoulders as he drags my underwear the rest of the way down my legs, tapping my ankle to lift. After repeating the same on my other foot, he grabs my hips and I execute my usual jerk at his touch. He buries his nose in the hair at the apex of my thighs and then draws a painfully slow, long, hot, excruciating stroke straight up the centre of my core.

I moan, my knees buckling and an almost painful buzzing starts at the very tip of my sex.

His grip strengthens around my hips as he continues his hot trail straight up the centre of my body until he's at my neck and then in my mouth, taking it with respect and passion, humming into me.

Releasing my lips, he locks eyes with me, his green gaze seeping into me. 'You are my life.' His clear words stab at my heart as he returns to worshipping my mouth delicately, running his palm over my bum and down the back of my thigh. He tugs gently to pull my leg up so my inner leg cradles his hip. He pulls back. 'Do you love me?' His eyes search mine.

Stupid question. 'You know I do.' I whisper.

'Say it. I need to hear it.' His voice is laced with desperation.

I don't hesitate. 'I love you.' I kiss his moist, full mouth and wrap my arms around his neck, and then gracefully lift myself up his body to straddle him. 'I'll always love you.' I stare him square in his beautiful, cloudy green eyes as he positions himself at my entrance. He hovers there and I struggle to resist sinking down onto him.

'Do you need me?' he asks.

'I need you.' I know this satisfies him as much, if not more, as I love you.

'Always.' he confirms, and then he pushes slowly and controlled into me in one patient motion, both of us sucking in sharp breaths as we unite.

He holds me to him while we stabilise our breathing and then walks over to the lounger and lowers me onto it, bringing his body down with me so the connection isn't broken. He stares down at me with the most incredible amount of sincerity gushing from his eyes.

'Feel how perfect we are together?' He slowly withdraws and sinks back in, setting a smooth, steady foundation for what's to come. He wants to really make love. 'Do you feel it?' he asks softly, repeating the scorching motion, accelerating my need for him.

'I do.' I confirm quietly. From the very first time we connected I felt it, probably even from the very first time our eyes met.

He continues with his slow, restrained strokes, and I shift my hands down to his back, trailing soft flicks over his firm flesh. He drops a kiss on my lips. 'Me too. Let's make love.'

I concentrate on absorbing him into me as he seeps back and forth, swiveling his hips each time and carrying me closer to climax. He's looking at me with complete awe and devotion, our eyes burning into each other, his patience and willpower to maintain his steady, luscious pace making me love him all the more. He really does make sweet love.

His frown line swims with moisture that shimmers on his brow, even in the cool air surrounding us. I cup the side of his face as he stares down at me, his shaking body vibrating all over me. He's pulsating inside me, and I instinctively contract around him as he lets out a rush of breath.

'Oh, God, Ava.' he breathes, sinking in and grinding down hard. The exact strokes of my inner wall are wreaking havoc with my need to thrust up and capture the orgasm that's moving forward.

'I can't hold onto it anymore.' I pant.

'Together.' he gasps, and I tense my thighs as he jerks forward again, this time less controlled. He puffs uncontrolled spurts of air and rests his forehead on mine as he regains control with another delicious plunge.

'I'm there, Jesse.' I whimper, feeling my self-control pang and dissipate.

I shatter underneath him on a loud cry.

He quickens his last few drives, sending him over the edge with me. 'Oh, Jesus.' he yells, thrusting one last time and holding himself deep inside me before collapsing on top of me to join me in my aftermath. His erection jumps and jacks as he comes inside me.

'Fuckkkkkkkkk.' I muse quietly, my eyes closing in relaxed satisfaction. This man has a direct link to my release switch.

'Mouth.' he murmurs into my neck through exhausted breaths. 'Do you think you will ever stop swearing?'

'I only swear when you challenge me or pleasure me.' I defend myself and trail the word fuck across his back with my fingertip. He pushes himself up on his elbow, slipping out of me so he can look down into my eyes. Then he takes his finger and slowly trails the word mouth across my breasts before dropping a kiss on each nipple. I grin when he flicks his eyes up to me. They are dancing with mischief as he clamps his teeth lightly on my tight bud.

'Ouch!' I laugh.

He releases and laps a wet circle around my breast and then grabs my hip. I jump under him on a yelp as he clamps his teeth back down over my nipple. My body stills in a heartbeat as I catch on to his game immediately.

'You can't!' I cry, as he slowly starts massaging my hip with the tips of his fingers while he remains locked onto my nipple. I clench my eyes shut and wiggle my feet to try and prevent the reflex reaction of bucking him off me. 'Jesse, please stop!' I hear him chuckle and increase the pressure on my hip and nipple. 'Please!' I squeal through a giggle. My nipple would probably hurt if I wasn't being distracted by the unbearable hip torture. He's driving me insane!

My lungs scream a thank you as I release a rush of air and muster up the strength to blank out his torture. I still under him and after what seems like forever, he eases off my hipbone and starts sucking the life back into my nipple.

I sigh. 'You'll be the one getting a retribution fuck.'

He grabs my hip again. 'Ava!' he scorns me tiredly before returning his attention to my breasts. I heave a huge contented exhale and close my eyes while Jesse lavishes me with his tongue.

'You're shivering.' he says against my chest. 'Let me get you inside.' He lifts up, and I grumble an audible objection, yanking him back down onto me. He chuckles and bites my ear. 'Comfy?'

'Hmmm,' I can't talk.

'Bed.' He pulls me up so I can wrap myself around him.

'You need to eat.' All I've seen him have today is half a jar of peanut butter and half a sandwich. I don't hold my breath that he had anything else. He needs food.

He straightens to standing position and carries me into the penthouse. 'I'm not hungry. Are you?'

I'm not actually, not at all. 'No, but promise me you'll have a decent breakfast.'

'I promise.'

'Okay, take me to bed, God.' I smile against his shoulder when I feel him silently laughing under me.

I'm lowered into bed and as soon as Jesse slips in besides me, I crawl onto his chest. He kisses my hair before smoothing his palm up and down my back. I shift closer to him; I can't get near enough. As always, there is no space welcome between us.