Because of Low (Chapter Twenty-Seven)


Cheers, clapping, and whistling ensued when I walked into Live Bay two nights later with Low tucked closely to my side.

"Hot damn!"

"Hall elujah"

"It's about time."


Will ow glanced up at me smiling. "I guess they're happy about this."

She had no idea.

"Yes I'm pretty sure nothing short of our marriage would make them happier. They weren't a fan of the Will owless Marcus."


"Yes, Oh."

Will ow kissed my cheek and our crowd went wild.

"That's what I'm talking about. Lick all over him," Preston hooted as we came up to the table.

"I'd even be okay with some PDA at this point," Dewayne drawled.

"hello to all of you too," Will ow piped up.

"You have no idea how badly you were missed," Preston said.

Will ow glanced up at me, "I have an idea."

"I'm taking my girl to dance and away from all of you. You're making me sound pathetic."

"You were pathetic," Dewayne responded.

I was. No point arguing.

Pulling Will ow into my arms I enjoyed her soft curves and sweet honey scent. Nothing in my life had ever felt as right as she did in my arms.


"I can't believe you're moving out. If I'd known you'd leave me I'd never have helped the jackass out and convinced you to give him another chance." Cage stood in the living room frowning.

I had my suitcase packed and the key he'd given me in my outstretched hand.

"Don't say that Cage. I'm not leaving you. I'm releasing you."

"Who the hell said I wanted to be released?"

"I did. You've been my best friend, savior, family, safe haven for so long. I've always come first in your life. You put your wants and needs on hold to make sure I'm happy. I love you. And it's time I let you go. You're free to just be my friend. You don't have to drop everything to come save me or pick up the pieces. I'm a big girl now. If my world falls apart again I'll handle it."

Cage reached out and took the key then grabbed my hand and jerked me into a hug.

"He won't ever leave you, Low. That's the only way I can let you walk out that door. I know he won't. The boy is a goner." I nodded against his chest. "I don't think he will either."

"And I don't regret anything. I'd do it all again. You know that right?"

I nodded feeling my eyes fill up with tears. "You're my family, Cage. You always will be."

"You too, Low, always."

Marcus cleared his voice from the doorway. I stepped back and wiped my tears before he could see them.

"Take care of her," Cage told Marcus.

"I will."

Cage nodded and tucked my key into his pocket.

"I guess I'm going on that road trip. I'll have a lot of free time on my hands now."

"Go. Have fun."

Cage grinned, "Okay." He nodded toward the couch, "And just take the couch. I'm not taking your money."

"I want to pay you for it. You're gonna need to replace it."

"I'm thinking of putting a few blow up mattresses out here.

Might have a few orgies"

"UGH! Shut up Cage," I shoved him making him loose his balance. Chuckling he shrugged, "Hey I thought you wanted me to live a little."

"You're crazy, Cage York."

Marcus came up behind me and took my suitcase.

"You ready?"

I smiled back at him and nodded.

I was ready. I was ready for everything tomorrow may bring.