Because of Low (Chapter Eleven)


"Jess I don't see them. Like I said, I think you've had too much too drink." Jess crossed her arms strategically under her breasts and pouted. I was beginning to think I'd been had and that pissed me off. When Jess had come to ask me to help her get to her car out back I'd told her to find Rock. But she'd said she couldn't find him and there were two big stray dogs outside blocking her path to her car.

Leaving Will ow with Preston bothered me. She was very worked up from our dancing. So damn worked up I'd needed to put some space between us so I could think straight. When she'd started trembling in my arms as I ran my hands over the tops of her thighs I thought I was imagining it. But then she did it again harder. By God no one but me was going to get to witness her orgasm. My heart had almost pounded out of my chest and I'd been so freaking hard, I was pretty sure I'd have suffered permanent damage if I hadn't gotten her off that dance floor and calmed myself down.

Jess's appearance had been the distraction I needed to lose my boner and catch my breath. Dealing with stray dogs would clear my head. That way I could come back and take Will ow on that walk along the beach I'd promised her. I wanted tonight to be special. My flipping that little dress up and sliding my hands between her legs was definitely not what I wanted to happen. Especially considering she had to be pretty damn inexperienced to be brought to an orgasm with just a few touches. Slow Marcus. I had to take it slow.

"Well fine then. I guess you can go back inside to your date," Jess grumbled.

"Yep I think you're safe," I replied and headed inside the back door. There had never been any dogs. Of that I was certain. But at least I wasn't sporting the woody from hell anymore. I stopped by the bar and picked up our drinks then headed for the table. Preston and Dewayne were alone and the severe looks on their faces made me halt in my steps.


I'm an idiot.

Slamming the drinks down on the table I studied both their faces and I knew. Without asking I knew.

"When did she leave?" I managed to ask over the sick knot in my stomach.

"Right after you walked off holding hands with Jess," Preston replied.

"Said she was getting air but we all know that means she's jetting," Dewayne piped up.

"Why did you not do something?" I barely contained the roar in my chest.

Preston shrugged looking somewhat sorrowful, "I did man. I told her it probably wasn't what it looked like." told her it probably wasn't what it looked like." It probably wasn't what it looked like? Really Preston? That was the best you could do?"

"Hey don't growl at me. You were the one who was dumb enough to walk off with Jess after almost having sex with Low on the dance floor."

I was going to be sick.

I stalked to the door wanting desperately to run. Had she called Cage? To save her from me? Opening the door I stepped into a parking lot full of cars but no people. No Will ow.

Why hadn't I told her what I was going to do? Did she not realize I was doing all I could do not to find an empty corner and run my hands and tongue all over her body? How could she think I would leave her for someone else? Hadn't I made myself perfectly obvious with my interest in her?

Jerking my truck door opened I climbed in and my eyes landed on her purse sitting in the seat she'd vacated. Her phone. Reaching for the small little red purse that had matched her red high heels. Inside was tucked her phone. I pulled it out. One text from Cage.

"I'm heading to Destin tonight baby. Should be back in the morning sometime. Text me when you get home safe." Dropping her purse I cranked up the truck and pulled out of the parking lot. She'd had to walk home. In those heels. In the dark. Looking like the damn sexiest thing on the planet.

My heart was racing in my chest for other reasons now.

Please God let her be okay.

Slowly I drove back to the apartment searching the dark sidewalks for Will ow. There was no sign of her when I finally pulled into the apartment parking lot. She couldn't have walked home. She hadn't had time to walk home. Either she was here and someone gave her a ride or I shook my head. I didn't want to think about the 'or'. I was already starting to panic. I couldn't think that way. I needed to keep my head. Running up the stairs I opened the door to a very dark, quiet apartment.

"Will ow!"

I ran to Cage's bedroom but the bed was empty. She wasn't here. I spun around panicking. Where could she be?

I'd lost her. I get one date with her and I lose her. I couldn't even take care of her for one night. My head was pounding in tune with my heart. I'd go back and stop people along the way. Maybe someone saw her. Maybe she got a ride with someone and they went somewhere else first. Someone had to have seen something. I ran back to the door and jerked it open and took the stairs two at time. I'd find her. I had to.


I halted and spun around to see Will ow walking up the beach with her high heels dangling from her hand. I took off at a run toward her. She was here. She was safe. No one had hurt her. I only had a moment to take in her big expressive green eyes full of surprise before I wrapped her up in my arms.

"You're okay," I declared needing to let it register with my brain that Will ow was okay.

"Yes," she replied in a hesitant voice.

I ran my hand down her hair needing to feel her. To know she was real and she was here. It took me a second to realize her hands had lodged themselves between our bodies and she was pushing me away. Releasing her I stepped back.

The sweet face that had been smiling up at me earlier tonight was gone. It was replaced by a very angry scowl.

And her face was tear streaked. Why had she been crying?

Oh. I'd forgotten why she'd left in the first place. Jess.

"Low listen. You don't—"

"No Marcus you listen. I realize I may not be the kind of girl you normally take on dates. I don't run in your family's social circle and well let's face it I don't have a swimsuit model body. But I have feelings too. Probably much more sensitive than the gorgeous females you normally date. IF

you want to go off with some other girl you should at least alert your current date and find her someone to take her home. Don't leave her there to look like a fool. It's not nice!" She pushed past me and started stalking toward the stairs.

I stood dumbfounded watching her.

"Low," I called out running after her. She stopped and then slowly turned around.


"I would've never left you. For anyone. I was an idiot. I made a mistake. I should've told you about the dogs and helping Jess get to her car. But honestly I was just thinking about the distraction it would be and I really needed a distraction because you had me so freakin' worked up I could hardly walk."

Taking a deep breath I waited while she weighed my explanation. I'd keep begging if she needed more. I was not opposed to getting on my knees if it would stop her.


I wanted to laugh in relief.

"Yes dogs. Stray dogs were blocking Jess's path between the door out back and her car. She couldn't find Rock. I wouldn't have even gone and helped her if I hadn't needed a little more time before I got near you again." A small frown puckered her forehead.

"When you say worked up?" she paused

"I mean, hard as a rock Low."

A small smile spread across her face. I didn't wait for her to say anything else. I closed the distance between us and grabbed her face in my hands before crushing my mouth to hers. She made a small little sound of surprise but then her hands ran up my arms and gripped my shoulders. She was harder to reach standing barefoot. Those heels had helped out a lot earlier. Reaching down I grabbed her waist and picked her up until she wrapped her legs around my waist.

Oh. Yeah.


It dawned on me that Marcus was opening the door just as he backed us up inside the dark apartment. I'd been so lost in his kiss I missed the fact he'd walked up the stairs carrying me. I opened my eyes long enough to see him walk over to the couch and sink down onto it with me straddling him. Pulling back he stared at me intently.

"We're going to have to stop soon. I'm about at my limit," his voice was raspy.

"Limit?" I asked before raining kisses down the side of his jaw and neck.

"Ah, my limit Low. You know," he was having trouble talking and it made me feel powerful. Feeling brave I flicked my tongue out and quickly licked at his neck. He smelled so good. Moaning he shifted under me until his erection was pressed against the crotch of my panties. The sensation was too much and I cried out in shock and pleasure.

"And that's my limit," Marcus said pushing me off him and standing up. I started to think I'd done something wrong again but the way he was breathing like he'd just ran a marathon I figured that must be good.

"What's wrong?" I asked staring up at him wanting him to just come back down here. I'd found something I really liked.

Marcus closed his eyes tightly and let out a loud groan.

"Low, baby please pull your dress down," he pleaded.

Glancing down I noticed my dress had ridden up around my waist.

"Oops," I said giggling and pulling it back down.

Marcus let out a small laugh and then met my questioning gaze.

"Low tonight was amazing. Except for the part where I hurt you and you ran away and scared the bejesus out of me.

Being with you is incredible. I want to do it again.

Tomorrow. And the next day," I laughed and he grinned then continued, "You get the idea. But here's the thing. I don't want to move too fast with you. I'm going to have to work on that because I'm used to moving pretty fast." Then why go slow with me? Frowning I stood up. I barely came to his shoulders when I didn't have the help of heels. I wore heels on all my shoes to give me an added boost.

"I didn't ask you to go slow."

He rubbed his face and ran his hand through his hair and let out a strange tight laugh. "I know that but I want to. You're different. And if I'm right you're really inexperienced." Warmth flooded my face. I should have known he'd be able to tell. My kisses can't be what he's used to.

"No Low, you misunderstood me," he reached out to touch me and stopped himself, "Listen to me. No one, I mean no one has ever got me so worked up with kisses alone.

You're perfect. Everything about you is perfect." Well that made me feel better. It made me feel powerful. I liked it.

I took a step toward Marcus and he laughed softly. "Don't tease me Low," he pleaded.

Sticking my lips out in a pout I frowned up at him. "Okay fine. I'll leave you alone."

Stepping around him I headed for Cage's bedroom.


I turned at the sound of his voice.


He looked unsure and nervous. It made me want to go hug him and assure him everything was fine.

"Could you. I mean If I," he paused and took a deep breath,

"If I sleep out here on the couch would you please sleep in my bed?"

I hadn't been expecting that.


"Because I can't sleep knowing you're in Cage's bed." His simple explanation made me feel tingly all over.

"Okay," I replied unable to keep the silly smile off my face.

He let out a breath like he'd been holding his. "Thank you." I grinned and shrugged, "You're welcome."

"But I have to go in there and get my pajamas," I explained.

"Just get all your clothes."

I laughed, "Marcus you can't just move out onto the couch.

That wouldn't be fair. You have a nice comfortable bed in your room. You shouldn't have to sleep on the couch."

"Then sleep. Just sleep. With me, in my bed. That's what you do with Cage now right?"

"Yes but I'm not attracted to Cage."

"We'll work around that. Just please move your things to my room."

As wonderful as that sounded it also sounded as if we were moving in together. Which was the epitome of moving fast.

"Then we'll be living together? You do realize that's what it would be. That's really moving fast."

Marcus frowned and looked back at the couch.

"You're right. Okay, I'll sleep on the couch for now. Later…

when we're ready, I'll move into the bed."

"Are you sure about this," I asked.

"Yes. I want to see where this is going with us and I can't do that with you sleeping in Cage's bed every night. I want you here. But not in there," he pointed toward Cage's room.

With an explanation like that, how could I tell him no?